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Oct 29, 2010
Hello, are you out there? How is Kavya doing?
Oct 31, 2010
Hi DCD! Thanks for asking about Kavya. I haven't posted in a while because I've just been very exhausted. It has been very rough...we tried culturelle and it was a complete nightmate for her. Instead of helping she had so much gas and discomfort and was waking up every 1/2 hour (tried this for many days and just had to stop it). She has had florastar before when she had an ear infection and was on antibiotics and never reacted this way and something in the culturelle just didn't suit her. The GI thought it could be the inulin (some people don't do well with that). Next thing that we tried...she was on a prevacid+zantac combo and since the zantac wasn't working, we tried axid. Worked well for 2 days and then that stopped working. Last 10 days I finally decided to try Buffer Babies+Prevacid and I do see an improvement with the daytime nap. Maybe slight improvement with the night sleep but still experimenting with different timings and doses.

Sorry to hear that Kylie is having a hard time with teething and the ear infection. A friend of mine swears by garlic oil from Whole Foods (she said it worked better than the antibiotics at times). Teething is just a nightmare...we are still dealing with it...I am dreading the second year molars which Kavya should be getting soon. We were just giving her Tylenol which helped a little during teething but yes, brace yourself for 2 1/2 years of teething pain. Motrin never suited her and so Tylenol was the only thing that I could give her just. Her reflux always flared during teething.

Nov 01, 2010
adelines mom
i hate teething too! we had bad luck with culturelle too. we have had adeline on metagenics ultra flora plus df for over a year now. get it at our compounding pharmacy. metagenics is a really clean and pure line of vitamins and supplements. expensive though! we couldn't do motrin either. just the grape flavored tylenol.
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