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Oct 29, 2010
adelines mom
we are on day four of neocate. so far pretty good. each time i make the bottles i watch little dollar signs float to the bottom. i thinking .... adeline be a good girl and drink ALL of that and do not spill a drop! her appetite has been good and no problems with constipation. she is still on her miralax. nights have been a little weird. during the 5 or so times during the night that she usually wakes up, she usually whimpers, since the neocate started she wakes up crying. very loud, but goes back to sleep. not hearing any stomach gurggling. she does take the binky. don't know what that is about. she only did it once last night. i am keeping my fingers crossed on this formula! just have to share about our gi appointment on wednesday. have bragged that our doctor has been pretty good and usually takes us right in. he is an hour away. he did state that it was nice seeing adeline's mom and grandfather in his first letter to our pediatrician. he was actually referring to my husband and we pointed that out at our second visit and he was pretty embarrased. anyway ... drove the hour to get there. was really excited about this appointment. lots to discuss. had sent him info on the dha problems that other parents were having, sent info on buffer babies and caracream, sent info on elecare and neocate to get his thoughts. he never responded to any of them. we waited 50 minutes and a nurse finally took us back to get a weight. another 20 minutes and an intern came in. at 1.5 hours i went storming down the hallway to find a nurse and tell her we were leaving. couldn't find anyone and as i was turning around in the hallway, our doctor and the intern were coming and out of his mouth was "they are INSTENSE". okay he was talking about us, it was out of his mouth and he couldn't take it back. i walked back to the room, my husband was in there playing with adeline on the table, i sat down shaking and when they came in and sat down i UNLEASHED! he was busted and just shook his head. i told him we had driven an hour, waited an hour and a half and then to hear my doctor describe us as instense was unprofessional and unacceptable. it that moment i lost all respect for the is cocky sob. intense, i am a woman on the edge of her broom. i also throttled him about not responding to any of my emails. he said he did not have a magic answer for adeline and basically couldn't recommend anything else. the intern could have crawled under the table. wish i was quicker on feet and just left. it was aweful and finally i packed up the bag and walked out, leaving my husband and adeline in there with them and went to the elevator and sobbed. will never go back there and sham on him. he did not apologize for making or wait or his comment. you know who lost out on wednesday, it was adeline. 5 hours of total. in the process of finding a new one. my hope is that other parents don't have to go through this. wish i could report him to someone. INTENSE. i would like to make him sleep with adeline for a week and see what he says. hope you all get a chuckle out of this. sometimes you just gotta laugh. happy halloween!
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