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Oct 27, 2010
Reaction to Prevacid Compound??
Jackson started on the compound prevacid on Sunday... since then he is having diarrhea several times a day. He is also having a hard time keeping the compound prevacid down. They told me I could put it in his bottle... when I do that he will not eat the entire bottle I think because of the taste and he is spitting up the majority of that bottle, sometimes projectile. If I try to give it to him by itself he is projectile vomiting the entire dose up. I guess I will have to switch back to the solutabs until I get my caracream. I was able to get ahold of David from Marci-Kids this morning and he told me that he thought giving the prevacid 3 times a day would probably be the key. He is also becoming very restless part way through the night, about an hour and a half before he wakes up. He has always done this but its getting worse. He is grunting and whimpering around. Any ideas?? Im afraid since the projectile vomiting is continuing that they are going to want to move him to Elecare...
Oct 29, 2010
Wish I could help but I seem to have the same issue. Mason has always slept throught he night but since starting Prevacid SoluTabs he now wakes twice a night just restless. He's crunching up rolling back and forth and it takes a bit of calming to get him back to sleep. Sometimes I have to bring him in our bad to sleep in his boppy pillow before he will calm and sleep better. He gets his doeses at 7am and 6pm daily so it's not right before bed but of course it's in his system anyway so that prob doesn't matter. Any insight from others would be great!
Oct 29, 2010
Is your Prevacid compounded using a sodium bicarbonate suspension? If so, they may be having problems with gas which could be causing the restless sleep. Do you think this could be possible? Sodium bicarbonate can cause major gas in some babies.
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