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Oct 24, 2010
Prevacid or Allergy
Can anyone tell me how fast Prevacid works and HOW it works? I have a 5 month old breastfed baby who has had reflux since she was 4 weeks old. It has gotten very severe the past 3 weeks to the point where she was in pain and waking up every 30 minutes - 2 hours during the night. I have been trying to figure out if it isn't being caused by food allergies. i already know she has a dairy allergy and that has been eliminated from my diet as well as gluten. Anyway I gave her a dose of Prevacid yesterday around 4 pm and she has NOT vomited since 6 pm yesterday at ALL-nada, nothing, not a drop. Even when she was having a good day she would spit up at least a little. Could it be the Prevacid that quick? I thought Prevacid only worked by eliminating the stomach acid but could NOT eliminate the actual refluxing itself just the pain since there is no more acid. I ask because I, in desperation, also eliminated ALL of the top 7 most allergenic foods from my diet as well yesterday (dairy, wheat, soy, corn, nuts, peanuts, eggs, and shellfish). The only one of those I eat on a daily basis are nuts and peanuts which I eat multiple times a day to keep my blood sugar normal. Could the removal of the nuts caused her to stop refluxing or is it the Prevacid or just some fluke? thanks for your help. -Maria
Oct 25, 2010
I was also on the elimination diet while I was breastfe3eding. No dairy, soy, wheat, eggs and nuts! I tried to add wheat back into my diet and withing 5 days my son had a rash and blood in his stool. Well after being on 3 different kinds of formula and dried up my breast milk, I am back to alimentum while trying to bring back my breast milk!! He has had a bad reaction to Neocate(choking), Nutamigen (blood) and now alimentum. I have heard that a food such a peanuts and such can flare up reflux! Prevacid is a great product and it could be you have hit the perfect combination!!! That is great news! Keep up the good detective work!
Oct 25, 2010
It has to be the elimination diet. Prevacid reduces the acidity of the vomit - it does not stop the vomit. By reducing the acidity, it helps protect the esophagus and manage the pain WHEN the baby vomits.

I am not a doctor but based on my experience, I really think your daughter has food allergies. We thought my daughter had reflux for 7 months before having her allergy tested and finding out she is allergic to milk (I already knew) and corn (I didn't know), which were both in her formula - not to mention peanuts, shellfish, beef, etc.

We switched her from Alimentum formula to Neocate formula - which is completely broken down so as not to cause allergic reactions. She completely STOPPED spitting up, literally, after one feeding. She doesn't even have to wear a bib now, and this is a child that would soak through at least three or four bibs and one or two complete outfits every single day.

The night waking also stopped. (Until the ear infections and teething cropped up!!) Like your baby, before switching to Neocate she was waking without explanantion all night long. She was very fussy and fidgety in her sleep. She also had a chronic cough and congestion, and toward the end developed a bumpy rash right under one eye.

I would stay on the elimination diet for a few weeks to make sure all the allergens are out of your system. Then you can add one food back in - one at a time - VERY gradually, to see how she does. If she starts spitting up/waking up again, you'll know what she's allergic to. So, I would say add them back in one by one, just one food every two weeks or something. You can get more information about at or talk to your doctor, who should be able to help you come up with a plan.

To find out more about how Prevacid and other PPIs work, visit This website is so thorough and easy to understand - it is an AMAZING resource!

I'm sorry your baby probably has food allergies, but at least you know what's been causing her pain. I take comfort in the relief of knowing how to help my baby feel better now. Good luck!

Nov 03, 2010
The reflux came back the next day along with a rash from the medication and a patch of eczema on her face. What is really throwing me is that she can spit up all day long and nurse every two hours or less at night but almost NEVER spits up during her night feedings. does anyone have a similar experience with a child who throws up all day long but does not throw up at night? I'm beginning tow to wonder if she doesn't have reflux at all but having reflux symptoms from an overabundant milk supply.
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