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Oct 14, 2010
Dearborn, MI....Willing to Drive!!!
Does any one recommend a good pediatric gastroenterologist in Michigan? I asked my pediatrician for one and he wanted to send he to the same gastroenterologist my mother goes to. My preference would be someone who sees children only. Thank you Maria
Oct 17, 2010
Ginger Bennett
Mom to Stanton - 2 year old with GERD, DGE and MPI
I don't know of anyone in MI.....We have been seeing a GI in New Orleans as that's closest for us, but on November 11th we have an appointment with a GI in Cincinatti, OH. So - we're flying! Are you willing to fly? I can let you know how our appointment goes.
Oct 19, 2010
I would take a space shuttle to mars if it would help my poor little girl!!! I must say that the parents on this site must be amazing at self control I have been dealing with these doctors for only a few weeks and at times I feel like I am going to end up in prison! I just want to hit them!!!! So yes please let me know how it goes. I found one near us but the way things have been going with everyone I see I am not getting my hopes up! Plus Cincinnati is not too far for us would be a 30 minute flight :-)
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