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Oct 10, 2010
I've got a new refluxer... =(
Hi! My son has been reflux free for about a year now. He never had it super bad though, but I came on here for advice now and then. So here I am with my 6 month old daughter now. She used to spit up quite a bit her first couple months, but then it stopped. Since then she has had major crying spells...sometimes lasting up to 1.5 hrs. All random times of the day. She's mostly bf, but gets some formula as well since I went back to work and pumping doesn't keep me up with her. Our new issue is that she can't keep baby food down. She does fine with milk, but when she eats baby food/cereal, exactly 2 hours later, she starts projectile vomiting and it lasts about an hour or a little longer. The first few times there is a LOT that comes out (clearly the color of the food she just ate), then the next few times it's more of a dry heave with clear liquid coming out. Then she passes out for like 5 hrs, then wakes up, nurses and goes to bed for the rest of the night like nothing ever happened...she's totally fine the next day. Dr started her on Ranitidine and we have to try to give her food again tonight. If it happens again, she wants us to see a pediatric GI that comes to town on Thursday. My questions: Anyone have any insight on why this is happening? And what do you think will be done at the GI appt? I'm very unfamiliar with all this..the meds worked for my son so we never had to go this far...thanks so much!
Oct 10, 2010
Also..I should add that they've already done a upper GI this past week as well and it came back normal. I don't know if this is important info either...but, she was 5 weeks premature. At 2 weeks old, we brought her to the ER because she had spit up quite a bit and it was bright orange. They did an upper GI at that point as well to check for obstructions, but it came back normal as well. This test showed some reflux, but no obstructions.
Oct 10, 2010
Lol, the spitup was GREEN not orange...sleep deprivation at it's best. SOrry!
Oct 11, 2010
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Wow, I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I am glad your doctor seems to be checking all of the right things.

I would wonder if there is a motility issue or if she is just not ready for solids yet. A motility issue would explain the delay in vomiting. Normally stomach contents should have been digested with in the time frame you are talking about.

The other issue of her being early might also play a role. I woudl wonder if her GI tract was just too immature still. They say to start solids at 6 months but if her adjusted age is just under 5 months maybe she just needs another month or so?

Does she have any other symptoms? Allergies, rashes, eczema, wheezing? Is she constipated? That can play a huge role in the increase in reflux/vomiting.

When you try a new food are you doing a good amount of it or just a few bites at a time? I know with ours we had to start REALLY slowly. Smaller amounts than a normal jar of food and only one new food per week.

I really hope that the DR will be able to give you some good tips and get her reflux controlled. If you want to chat feel free to e-mail me anytime at

((HUGS)) I know reflux is rough!!
Oct 11, 2010
Thanks. I mentioned that she was 5 weeks early to the guy who did the upper GI and he said that shouldn't matter...but that's what I was thinking too. That maybe her digestive system wasn't mature enough yet. She hasn't had a rash, eczema or wheezing. She also poops a couple times a day so I don't think she's constipated either. I had been giving her about 1/3 of a stage 1 jar of baby food. We also do the same food for 3-4 days before trying something new. We tried giving her food last night, but she pursed her lips together so I barely got anything in her. We will try again tonight...
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