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Sep 24, 2010
What do we do next? Testing or Alimentum Trial?
My daughter has been diagnosed with GERD for about a month now. She just turned 2 months. She started as a great eater (both breastmilk and formula supplemented), and then I noticed her coming off the breast and then later refusing the bottle as well. She will take one or two ounces and then push the bottle out with her tongue. She also was arching and crying during feedings but since she has been on Zantac and Prevacid she does less of the arching. She is still refusing to eat more than 2-3 ounces at a feeding. I can usually soothe her into taking 3-4 ounces but this is becoming increasingly difficult. It is as if she has no appetite, even though she seems hungry before she starts eating. We have seen a couple of GI specialists and are at a crossroads now. Either we proceed with an UGI and/or endoscopy to rule out other problems, or assume that she has a milk-protein allergy and try another trial on Alimentum. The first time we tried Alimentum, she was "drinking" it for 4 days and we went back to the regular formula because she was becoming dehydrated because she just refused to take it. Our hearts are breaking for our little daughter because she is such a sweet and charming little girl. It is extremely sad to see her in pain, uncomfortable and so dis-interested in eating. Has anyone experienced the UGI or endoscopy? Does anyone have any suggestions on getting a baby to drink the Alimentum or any experience with the baby disliking the Alimentum and them coming around to it eventually? Thank you.
Sep 24, 2010
I can relate to what you are going through. You're not alone!

My Kylie also refused the Nutramigen/Alimentum at first, but only for a couple feedings. I would have done the same as you if she had persisted for days.

If you decide you want to hold off on the testing and do another trial of the Alimentum, I would suggest (based on my experience) that you go with the Alimentum Ready-to-Feed. It's the only formula that doesn't have corn in it (it has tapioca solids instead.) After having our daughter allergy tested we discovered she's allergic to both milk and corn - she was reacting to both ingredients in her formulas. From what I've read, it's not completely uncommon for a sensitive baby to be allergic to both.

Have you tried adding anything to the Alimentum to cut the taste? We tried everything (vanilla, Nestle chocolate syrup, Nestle strawberry powder, rice, applesauce, etc.) but Kylie doesn't really like anything in her milk. But I think most babies will take it better if you add something sweet to help with the taste. I did a couple taste tests myself and I think by far what worked the best (and what I felt most comfortable adding) were the flavoring packets available through Neocate. If you call their customer service and request some samples of the flavoring packets they will send you several to try for free.

We have not had any GI testing done on Kylie. I was never settled with the idea of her having straightforward reflux, even though her symptoms were mostly reflux-type - for many little reasons, but mainly because she did not respond to even high doses of PPI meds.

We had finally scheduled a UGI but I decided to have her allergy tested in the meantime. The tests showed she is an extremely sensitive baby (severely allergic to 22 of the 74 things they tested for), and this finding is more in line with my own instincts regarding her symptoms and behavior.

We are now experimenting with new formula (in the end she couldn't tolerate even the Alimentum so we've moved on to Neocate) and some meds for the environmental allergies. We are also making an appointment to see a physical therapist at the hospital to explore craniosacral therapy, which can be helpful with allergies.

Just some info about our journey in hopes that it may include something useful for yours. Good luck and hope you find your answers very soon!

Oct 03, 2010
My son Levi is 13 weeks old. We figured out he has reflux @ 2 weeks. We have tried 4 different formuls (Currently Neocate) and he is taking Pepcid, Prevacid, Mylanta, Grip Water
when i switched my son from similac for spit up to alimentum, i did it over a several feedings. Bottle #1- 1oz alimentum, 3 oz spitup. Bottle #2- same as bottle #1. Bottle #3- 2oz alimentum, 2oz spit up. Bottle #4- same as bottle #3 Bottle 5- 3oz alimentum, 1oz spit up. Bottle 6- same as bottle 5. Bottle 7- 4oz alimentum. After the 2nd day of straight alimentum, he was fine with it
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