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Sep 23, 2010
scheduled feeds vs feeding when hungry
We currently feed L every 3 hours, 2 oz at a time which can be a bit challenging because sometimes it feels like you're trying to pour 2 oz into a 1 oz space. We are doing this as it is the schedule we left the hospital on, about 2 months ago and no one has recommended any change to that (we see a pedi GI next week, finally). However, a couple days ago L had A LOT more vomiting and when he was hungry, he would take in 75-80 mls and keep it down which is much better than the 60 mls we fight to give him which usually come w/multiple vomits. Granted the 75 and 80 ml intake only happened a couple of times but I started to wonder if he would do better overall if we fed him based on when he was hungry rather than trying to feed him every 3 hours regardless. What have you all been doing or what do you do? My only hesitancy is that we know taking in only 2 oz per every 3 hour feed is not alot and we worry that if we fed him based on his needs it may average out to much less intake. Thoughts??? Experiences???
Oct 06, 2010
Macy, mama to Alexia, 2nd child with reflux. Born 4.5 weeks early on Oct. 20th. Showing signs of reflux very first week. Exclusively breastfed, starting elimination diet 11/1.
From what I remember from Tia, coming home premie and wanting her to gain weight even though she would throw up constantly, we did feed her on a schedule. The thing was that I couldn't figure out when she was hungry and then she went into this one phase where she never wanted to eat, when the pain was so bad from the acid in her stomach. I wish I had better advice. I say feed on schedule and follow your gut. Mommy usually knows what's best. Trust yourself.

I didn't have the best doctors, but the advice I got on this forum helped me so much. I don't see as many moms on here as there used to be when I was in the thick of it, but I hope you can find some help here.
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