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Sep 22, 2010
Prevacid and loss of appetite
Just when Kavya's sleep was getting better, her appetite has gotten horrible. She just doesn't want to eat much and things that she liked before she is not even interested in any more. It is just a nightmare to feed her now especially since only a few foods suit her (6 foods). She has severe food protein intolerances. She is only on 15mg Prevacid in the morn but also zantac 2.5 at night (maybe the combo is cutting out too much acid?). When she was on zantac her appetite was really great and she ate well and so I don't think she has DGE. If anything the prevacid is causing DGE now. But she poops twice a day even now so the stomach is emptying reasonably. She is still not drinking Nutramigen (the only way she will have it is with oatmeal and so we can only give a small amount) so I am really concerned about her nutrition...not having the formula and eating so few solids.

I know some of you said the appetite got better with probiotics but the probiotic is causing its own problems (see my earlier post). Is there anything else to try to help with appetite? It is scary when I read posts that some babies just stopped eating completely when on cases like this do you just wean of the Prevacid? I almost feel like going back on the zantac (yes, sleep is better on prevacid but the food intake is really a nightmare too). And prilosec and Nexium didn't suit her.

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