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Sep 21, 2010
Medicine wearing out in the early morn
Kavya is still sleeping better than she ever has before. She went to bed at 8.40pm and got up at 3.30am last night (7 hours - Wow, a record!!). After that she was up every hour and I could hear the congested reflux sound every time she woke up. I feel like the medicine is wearing out by 3.30am. Has anyone experienced this? She is currently taking Prevacid 15mg in the morn and Zantac 2.5ml in the evening at 7pm before her dinner. I tried giving the zantac later once (just before bedtime) to see if she would be more comfy for a longer time at night but it seemed like she had the aftertaste for a long time and every time she refluxed/swallowed/hiccupped she was very uncomfortable. I gave her Mylanta once in the early morn and she slept for a couple of hours but my GI doesn't want me to give Mylanta on a daily basis. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has experienced meds wearing out in the early morn and what you did about it? Thanks.
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