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Aug 09, 2010
Skin Prick Allergy Testing, useful?, how does it feel?
I have an appt. with an allergist next week. I want to go there with all the knowledge I can gather. K has had a basic blood test which showed positive for Milk and Walnuts. From what I have been reading it seems like both the blood and skin prick tests are not very accurate when it comes to food intolerances. Is there any point in doing the skin prick test? Even though the blood test showed milk allergy, K can tolerate yogurt (she just can't have milk or cheese). How does a child tolerate skin prick testing? My K is 19 months old and has extreme anxiety towards docs and strangers. How is it done. Do they put them on their tummy and start scratching/pricking on the back and then how do you keep them sitting still for 15 mins or whatever it takes to get results afterward? I am sure it is very itchy if there is any reaction. What is the patch test? Do you wear the patch and then check the reaction at home? Not sure if all allergists offer this option. Sounds like this would be a better test for food intolerance issues. With K, it is always a slow reaction. 1 tsp of new food usually is ok the first night but the next night she will start waking up every 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Thanks for any info on allergy testing!
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