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Jun 22, 2010
baby p's mom
New Mom Trying to Learn about GERD
My baby girl is 8 weeks old. She was born 4 weeks premature and over came jaundice and problems breast feeding only to next develop reflux. It started by her vomiting large amounts of milk when we would lie her down after feeding. We kept her upright after feeding but she was also very fussy during and after feeding, squirming and arching her back until she finally fell asleep. She was on Zantac for several weeks and still very fussy and crying out after feedings. She also developed a raspy cry and weezy breathing. I took her to the pediatrician, yesterday, and she had us start on Prevacid. She said it is suppose to begin working right away, but baby seems worse today. Even more fussing and crying during and after feeding. I tried to change her diaper an hour after feeding and she coughed up milk which projected up to my face. Now the nurse has told me I can put her back on Zantac along with the Prevacid for 5 days to give the Prevacid time to work (even though yesterday I was told it should work right away). I'm so confused and worried about my little girl. I can't stand to see her in pain anymore. Should I take her to a specialist even though my ped office wants me to continue with these meds for now? Please, any advice and words of encouragement would be appreciated.
Jun 22, 2010
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
Hang in there, mama. Prevacid does not work right away. Most of the moms on here can tell you that at least 2 weeks, often times, more, is needed before any improvement is seen. A specialist visit is never out of the question, so if you think you need to see a Ped gastro, ask for the referral (if needed) or call yourself and get an appt. It may take several weeks to get in the a specialist through.

Keeping the little one upright as much as possible can help (we "slept" with our little one on the couch for 7 months.) Also, smaller but more frequent feedings can also sometimes help. Make sure the Prevacid is given when the stomach is empty, and at LEAST 15 min before the next feeding. Are you on the compounded Prevacid or the SoluTabs? The tabs seem to work better for the majority of these kids, and the compound, while good, is only effective for 2 weeks. Don't give the zantac and Prevacid together either. Can you ask your ped about using Maalox or Mylanta for breakthrough pain? Kids metabolize meds so quickly that often times the meds wear off well before the next dose can be given.

I need to run - the monkey is awake. You'll find a lot of helpful advice here - this was my sanity-saving forum for the first year of my daughter's life!

Jun 22, 2010
baby p's mom
We are giving it to her from tablet form if that is what you are referring to the SoluTabs as. I will ask about using Maalox or Mylanta as opposed to doubling up on the acid blocking meds. Other than that it seems like we are already doing the things we need to be doing. It's just hard for me bear the fact that she is still in pain regardless. I so want to find relief for her, it makes me so sad. Thank you for your response. I do appreciate the support that this site provides.
Jun 22, 2010
Sara, Mom to Isobel 10/01/08 Dx Silent reflux @ 6 wks. Prevacid 22.5mg split in 2 doses. Pepcid .5ml twice a day. Diagnostically confirmed milk protein, egg and cat allergy. Suspected corn, pea and squash allergy. Trialed Alimentum and Elecare without success, currently on Isomil Advance RTF with moderate success. Barium Swallow and UGI 3/08 Pondering a ph probe and endoscopy.
Hey there - please don't think of it as double meds. Zantac and Prevacid work in different ways. My GI described is as Prevacid knocking out 70% of acid and Zantac another 10% - my DD needed both for a long time and eventually weaned down to just an H2 blocker. She's 21 months now and is completely off meds but it was rough going at first trying to find the right combo.

For her, Prevacid made a difference in 4 days and reached life changing at 2 1/2 weeks. Hang in there, it will get better!
Jun 22, 2010
Pictured: G'mom w/3 kids. I'm mom to 1 angel Melissa (dec'd 11/92 - hypoplastic left-heart syn.)
2 healthy daughters (knock wood) Cory (16), Kim (11) & Eric (4) diagnosed with e.e. (scoped 8/08), GERD & severe food/seasonal allergies, asthma. Cried non-stop first 17 mths. of life Found out he is allergic to cow's milk, soy, eggs, and peanuts. Takes Prevacid, Neocate One Plus & Flovent.
Just watch out for milk/food allergies. We had "reflux," projectile vomiting, arching of the back, crying, etc. until we put our son on Neocate formula. If it IS (& I'm not saying it is) allergy related, all the Prevacid/Zantac in the world isn't going to help it much. Any allergies or asthma in yourself/husband/family members? A GI Dr. would be the next step after the pediatrican, but even our GI Dr. kept Eric on reflux meds too long, before we went to the allergy dept. of a Children's Hospital and switched his diet. Good luck - hope you can enjoy your little girl ASAP.
Jun 23, 2010
baby p's mom
Thank you, it's good to hear the combo of Zantac and Prevacid has worked for someone else. Also, very interesting about the asthma and allergies. I have been on the elimination diet for 3 days now although there are no food allergies in my family history. We do, however, have asthma and allergies to pets on both sides of the family. We also have a dog and cat in our home. I will be asking about that today. We have another appt with the pediatrician from which I hope we get a referal to a specialist. Thanks again for sharing your experiences. I was a complete mess yesterday and feeling totally helpless. Today I'm ready to move forward again.
Jun 24, 2010
Lorenzo b.4/25/07 1 week in NICU w/ aspirate pneumonia from a reflux episode; diagnosed GERD at 9weeks; Used Zantac for 5months. Currently using Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy. GERD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sensory Processing Disorder. Ask me about breastfeeding a refluxer! Pic: day 5 in the NICU.
Just another thing to be aware of -- some little ones have issues with aspiration, which may take the form of fairly obvious aspirations of fluid into the lungs resulting in significant respiratory response (like pneumonia or thick congested breathing and coughing), or micro-aspirations which tend to show up as the type of breathing you describe and can actually lead to asthma. Also, premature babies who were on supplemental oxygen (particularly via intubation) are somewhat more prone to both reflux and other respiratory challenges.

I was astonished during my son's first year with reflux at the sheer number of things that can either go hand in hand with reflux, be caused by it, or exacerbate it. We're three years into it, and I'm still learning... Ask as many questions as come up for you -- both here and of your child's physicians -- and never be afraid to press for information when something isn't entirely clear to you.

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