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May 03, 2010
em sanderson
Anyone's LO on Bethanechol? Does it work right away or do they have to be on it for awhile? I called the pharmacist but he was so vague. I haven't received a call back from the pedi yet. Has anyone seen any side effects from this med. I googled it and they state it is not recommended for infants but thats what it says about most of the meds refluxers take. Forrest is on 2ml of Previcid twice a day which never stopped his spitting up. Now they added this new med after every other feeding 4 times a day. I don't really see any difference. He's been on it for 5 days now.
May 03, 2010
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We did Reglan (different) and saw results right away, it worked great but we had side affects (crankiness in the extreme!!!) and stopped it. We took it every day though.

Did they say why they didn't' want it being given every day prior to each feed??

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