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Apr 05, 2010
em sanderson
I have been on an elimination diet for a month now and I can't tell if Forrest is any different. I cut out dairy, soy and eggs which I know for sure he is allergic to do to blood in his diaper. He is still vomiting daily which could be because his reflux isn't under control yet. His diapers are almost always green mucousy and watery with the occasional yellow diaper. I just don't know what I am supposed to look for to determine if he has these issues. Are there tests that can determine if he has any intolerances / allergies? Also what criteria does a child have to meet in order to get referral to a gastroenterologist and allergist?
Apr 06, 2010
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Have you looked into the elimination diet on the Dr Sears website? It is tough but can help. Does he have any rashes or other signs of allergy? There are allergy tests but from what I understand they are unreliable in younger babies. They can provide you with a jumping off point though.

You might want to ask for a referral to a GI or an allergist to see what the right course of action would be next. As far as the criteria to be met to be seen by a GI or allergist I imagine it has more to do with your insurance company and/or need for physician referral. For us we went when the standard treatments failed to provide our child with relief.

Our GI felt that any child who aspirates on reflux, is failure to thrive, has history of allergies or asthma and/or does not outgrow reflux by age 1 should be seen. Of course, that is not a set in stone rule... just her own ideas. ;)
Apr 12, 2010
We have used the BioSet system with Max and my daughter, Maddy, with great success. You can read more about our experiences under the Reading Room, Alternative Treatments, Bioset. Max had the green, mucousy diapers too, along with a rash on his face and some excema patches on different parts of his body. He had a milk protein allergy (verified by Bioset testing) and once I cut out all dairy I saw improvement in a week and it just continued to get better. Since then, we have discovered he was allergic to the Alimentum formula I was supplementing with and bananas. Bioset can test for allergies and also "clear" them, so your child doesn't react to them anymore. It is non invasive and not painful. It is basically the same as the NAET system. So if you can find a practioner that does either one of these in your area, it is worth a try!
Apr 21, 2010
Allergic to Alimentum
Hi I am new to this site and I read your post about your little one maxmommy being allergic to did you figure this out b/c they had me stop breastfeeding four weeks ago due to severe silent reflux confirmed by Upper GI and place on alimentum, but she is struggling with that too.
Apr 26, 2010
Hi there! I actually brought in a sample of the Alimentum Formula to my Bioset practioner and she uses muscle resistance testing to see if they are allergic. Once I took him off of it (switched to Similac Sensitive) he was a different baby within a few days. All of his cold/allergy symptoms cleard up. Similac Sensitive is a milk based formula, and he is doing fine on it, so I think he actually did outgrow his milk protein intolerance. If you don't have a Bioset or NAET practioner in your area, you can always take her off of it for a week or so to see if she improves. Try an easy to digest formula like Similac Sensitive or Carnation Good Start. Do you know if she has a milk protein sensitivity?
Apr 27, 2010
em sanderson
So today I am starting the Dr Sears elimination diet. I had previously cut out all dairy, soy and eggs but he still had issues most days so I am going the whole 9 yards this time. I wanted to know exactly what happens in a Bioset session. Does insurance ever cover something like this? Does it take a lot of sessions to achieve results? I have several practitioners in my area however my husband is judging it to be "new agey" and it will take some convincing to get him to agree to it. Our budget doesn't have much wiggle room. I am willing to do whatever makes things better for Forrest. He is too he just has a different perspective on what that is. He believes we should take him off his meds and breastfeed without worrying about any allergies. I tried to explain that his tummy is probably hurting but I guess because the baby can't express himself in traditional ways like speech my husband can't grasp that he is hurting. Anyway I would be willing to try the Bioset I just need more input as to how it works and if it's effective.
May 11, 2010
First off I would say to NOT take him off of his reflux meds, especially if he is vomiting daily. If he is still vomiting it could be that his reflux isn't under control, and he could have some delayed gastric emptying, as well. Bioset has worked miracles for both of my kids. It is generally NOT covered by insurance and my sessions are $36 per session. My practitioner does not charge for the testing, only if she has to treat him for something. So ask about that, as well. It generally takes one to two treatments to clear them of an allergy. I think my daughter had one stubborn one that we had to do 3 treatments, but that was the only time. A treatment involves them holding a small tube of liquid (with the allergen in it) and GENTLE chiropractic work. Then they hold the tube, we put it in the kids sock as it has to be against the skin, for around 15 min. She will come back and test to see if it was effective. Then a few days to a week later, we go back so she can test to see if he is clear for that allergen. If not we do another treatment. If so, then no need to do another treatment for that allergen and we go home. Unless I want to treat him for something else. No practitioner should charge for testing, just treating. Also, it is helpful to have someone close to home so you are not driving 1/2 hour away to spend 15 minutes there. Sometimes we were there for 5 minutes...she checked them, they were clear, so we left. It definitely is wholistic, but worth a shot in my opinion. At least you can have him tested to see what he is showing sensitivities to. Then you can decide if you'd like to treat him for anything. It might just be that if he is allergic to wheat, let's say, and you can cut out all wheat from your diet he could be fine. Really wouldn't be a problem until he starts eating wheat himself. Up to you! I hope this helps and please email me direct if you have any questions and keep me posted on how Forrest is doing! HUGS! Angela
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