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Mar 28, 2010
neurological problem makes reflux worse?
My daughter was born @ 1769 gram and she is almost 10 months now. Because her head is very small and we are waiting for some tests (MRI, EEG). She had reflux since around 4 months and her GI think if there is a neurological problem, it will make the reflux worse. Does anyone know why? The X-ray shows her esophagus has abnormal movement which makes the food up and down. My daughter has very bad cough and gag, anytime during the day or a few times during the night. I am not sure it's because of the reflux or esophagus movement.
Mar 28, 2010
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I am treading into area that I know little about but, I know some parents who have children who have neurological issues and they would lean towards yes, it seems to be true.

Did you have a swallow study down and that's why you are saying the food was moving up and down...I'm wondering if esophageal manometry testing would show if the muscles of the esophagus are contracting properly to move the food down to the stomach. Then again, it could be a neurological issues.

That's why I said earlier, I'm treading into waters unknown here, just trying to help.

I've know some kids who have had that testing done. Jedd had manomtery testing done on his GI tract but not his esophagus.

Mar 29, 2010
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Yes, it does seem that children with neurological diseases can have more problems with reflux. For example, children with cerebral palsy seem to have a higher incidence of gerd. Perhaps due to a weaken diaphragm or a combination of several things. Some neuro issues can cause low muscle tone which aggravates gerd problems (makes for a poor functioning LES). It might also be that misfiring signals to the GI tract can result in motility issues.

I am sorry you are dealing with all of this! I hope that the testing goes well and you get answers to help your little one feel better. ((HUGS))
Mar 29, 2010
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The digestive system is extraordinarily complex. Lots of chemical and muscle action coordinated by electrical and chemical signals. The digestive system gets a lot of signals from the brain but can also function on its own without help from the brain - the various organs just talk to each other directly.

So any child who has a brain problem, a muscle problem, a chemical signaling issue or electrical wiring issues, is just about guaranteed to have digestive problems - usually reflux.

But there are plenty of kids who have "regular" reflux and small growth but catch up later. A small head is worth some testing but they may not find anything at all. My daughter was so tiny that they were worried but she is now 5 inches taller than I am! (That's not too hard considering I'm 5'1" but the pediatrician was very pleased)

Mar 29, 2010
Thank you all for the info. Indeed there are so much problems connected and I hope she will outgrow of them with the time. She now also has difficulty with spoon, which making her solid food intake delayed. I am worried she doesn't get enough nutrition. Anyway, we have to wait and see. She was prescribed prevacid and domperione, but I am not confident to give her, cause I think the first creat the issue of less stomach acid and then we use another one to deal with this new problem. This is not the rule of nature.
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