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Feb 02, 2010
Help Muscle relaxers for reflux
I have a question for anyone who has a child with severe reflux. My daughter is 2, has severe reflux and fed through a gj tube. She is on Prevacid solutabs 15mg twice daily. She had a stricture because at birth her oesophagus was not attached at birth. We just looked at her oesophagus yesterday and found that the stricture had opened itself back up because she started swallowing her reflux. In October she had surgery for her hips and she was on muscle relaxers for muscle spasms. While she was on that she hardly had any reflux. For example she would reflux every half hour while on her feedings and then it went to maybe three times a day. Just recently because she had a growth spurt had the stricture opened up, reflux got worse and she would be unable to sleep. Last week I gave her a very small dose of muscle relaxer and she slept all night and was able to work in PT and OT the next day. She was focused and wanted to learn. So my question is has anyone had any experience with some type of anti spasm or muscle relaxer meds to help their child with reflux?
Feb 02, 2010
beth anderson
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antispasmodics for reflux
Most children have reflux that is caused by loose muscles a tht top of the stomach or inefficient contractions of a lazy stomach. But, some children have reflux caused by spasms of the intestines that don't let food keep moving or spasms of the abdominal muscles that just squeeze the food back up.

So yes, some kids get better on meds that improve muscle contractions and some get better on meds that reduce severe contractions (spasms). Confusing, huh?

The big problem with most of the meds that change the muscle contraction is that they have a lot of side effects. And obviously, you don't want to use the wrong type - it will make your baby worse. If your child has loose muscles, you certainly don't want to use the relaxers!

Baclofen is a medicine used for kids with spasms all over their body. It sometimes works for reflux but the side effects are not usually tolerable. Ditto for Levsin which reduces intestinal spasms. Both can be physically addicting and this is a big hot button with families who are worried about drug addiction. Baclofen is being reformulated in the hope that they can find a variation that works for reflux without the fear of addiction or side effects.

Sleep might also be the key here. Some kids have a better reflux day after a good night's sleep. One of our teen members gets 12 sleeping pills from her doctor every year on her birthday. She finds that one night of good, deep sleep can make her feel better for a few weeks. But again, you have the issue of physical dependence/addiction and a bunch of nasty side effects.

Looks like your instincts are right but you might want to do more homework before deciding whether this is a reasonable idea to pursue.

Feb 08, 2010
Debbie, Mom to:
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Anti-spasmatic meds reduce excess acid. Anti-inflammatory meds typically if used too long make reflux worse. Is she kept on a reflux trigger free diet? Even on the meds, my son could never have much ketchup, chocolate milk(any chocolate), spice, citrus, etc., (sorry, don't know what you are feeding through the tube). A PPI med change may help, also. Talk it over with the GI or the nurse.
Feb 09, 2010
Thanks for the info. She has a gj and is on Elecare right now. She seems to go in waves in sleeping. right now we are on a get up every two hours at night. I do have a call in with her GI doctor. She was discussing things with different GI doctors in the country to see if they could come up with a receipe of options for us to try.
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