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Jan 29, 2010
Mason Matthew born at 28 weeks on 12/10/2007 with MSPI and severe reflux. Still on Neocate, strict MSPI diet, recently weaned off of Prevacid.
Evalise Adelle came along 4 weeks early on 12/2/2009 we thought we could be without this reflux stuff but no such luck. She's MSPI as well, off of breastmilk :-( and on Neocate for MSPI, has eczema (better with Neocate), and worse reflux than her brother did! Doing Buffer babies and Prevacid-
Anyone go to Children's Hosp in DC?
Hi, We have just moved and will be going to see ped GI at Children's National Hosp in Washington DC in a week or so. Anyone have experience here just out of curiousity? Thanks!
Jan 30, 2010
Welcome to the DC area! We saw Dr. Jamie Wolf and really like her. She is very accessible and will even give you an email address that she response to freguently. We just switched to Dr. Duffy in Alexandria--she's a lot easier for us to get to and she seems good too. Here's my email ( if you want to know more about either. Good luck!
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