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Jan 22, 2010
VENT (and what formula do you use?)
Hi everyone I'm about to give up breast feeding. I know it's the best thing for my little one but she's a lazy nurser which is doing two things: reducing my milk supply and holding us hostage at home. I'm thinking of continuing breast feeding until Feb 12 when she'll be three months and then start introducing formula slowly. I'm scared of giving her formula because she spits through her nose and when I gave her formula once it came out all chunky and got stuck in her nose. At least breast milk just flows out of her nose. But I'm going insane. I wouldn't mind pumping after every nursing session but unfortunately I have to hold her up for a while. I would basically spend the entire day feeding her and pumping. I've tried it and there isn't even much time left to eat or take a shower. Pumping only is about the same-I've tried that also. So I'm running out of ideas. I know one of you introduced formula to your little one and said it was the best thing for both of you. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. Also what type of formula is better for our reflux babies Thanks RBC
Jan 23, 2010
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I had to quit nursing for similar reasons... my milk supply finally dwindled down to nothing due to several food refusal episodes and my inability to pump. If you are sure you are done breastfeeding these are the things we used:

My oldest did well with one of the gentle protien formulas. I used nutramigin with my worst refluxer. It was the only formula that worked for her. There are also even higher level formulas, that work for kids with lots of GI issues, like elecare. Those can be expensive though. You might want to start with a gentle formula first and if it doesn't work try one of the higher level ones. I would start by trying it a one feeding and then gradually increasing it to all feedings. That should help the transition and gradually reduce your milk supply. (Which can help with the pain of having to stop breastfeeding).

Jan 24, 2010
Refusing to eat since having NG tube inserted
My son was a preemie with a heart defect and did not have the strength to nurse when he was born. I pumped every 3 hours and the nurses fed him my breastmilk via bottle. It upset me that I was missing the bonding of nursing, but as you said, since breast milk is the best thing I was content he was getting it. He birth he weighed 4.5 pounds and within 2 1/2 months he'd more than doubled his birth weight. I have been pumping for seven months now. Maybe forgo the nursing and just pump and feed her your breastmilk via bottle. If I don't get enough milk production via pumping our doctors have me supplementing my breast milk with Neosure formula. Our son also has reflux which is being controlled with Prilosec. Unfortunately since his heart surgery he's been on an NG tube for feeds...but I continue to pump and give him his breastmilk through the tube. He's now 7 months old and weighs just over 14 pounds. I too grapple with quitting pumping (it is such a hassle!), but am motivated by the beneftis of breastmilk. My sister could not breastfeed, and her son thrived on the gentle formula. Bottom line is to do what is best for you and know that even if you stop breastfeeding your daughter will still thrive and grow.
Jan 24, 2010
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You have to do what is best for you and your family and if that is stopping breastfeeding don't feel bad. Eventually, it comes down to sanity especially when you have a refluxer. And for me breastfeeding was becoming so stressful that I was going crazy. My son would arch in pain and come off the breast like 100 times every feeding and I couldn't take the pain and time consumption and I was a horrible pumper too. It took me forever to get like an ounce. So we switched to formula at about 6 weeks and it was the right decision for us. We used Nutramigen with our son but he has a milk/soy allergy as well. It wasn't the perfect formula for us so eventually he ended up on Elecare. Unfortunately, it is just trial and error with formula in the beginning. Good luck with your decision but know your baby will be fine on formula too.
Jan 26, 2010
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I know how frustrating it is. My DD had a heart defect and could not nurse. I pumped for 9 months. It was definitely hard and time consuming. However, when I switched her to formula at 9 months, her reflux got worse...MUCH worse. She started vomiting much more than she ever did on BM. I look back and wish I would have stuck with the pumping a bit longer. You need to do what is right for you and maybe switching to formula would be the best thing and she would do fine. It's so hard to know. We face tough decisions as moms. Good luck on whatever you decide!
Feb 07, 2010
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I never realized what an emotional roller coaster the whole breastfeeding issue would be for me. I tried for 9 days, then I developed staph infection and because of the PICC line and medication I was on, could not give my LO my milk. I pumped and dumped for the entire 63 days I was sick only to watch my milk dwindle to less and less everyday. By the time I could feed again, mine wouldn't take it and had latching issues and just wasn't getting enough! All that to say - do what works for your family and sanity. I nearly drove myself crazy trying to maintain what I thought was best. We tried about 17 different formulas and through them all found that Good Start formula worked best. However - every baby is different. Good luck!
Feb 09, 2010
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HI, My daughter had issues with BFing....I stopped trying when Georgia was 12 weeks old. From then on, I pumped. I pumped for 13 months. I would sit her in her bouncer, or swing or eventually highchair, and talk, and sing or turn on the TV to something that made her happy so I could pump. It was hard...and frustrating at times. But I am very glad I did it. Once my milk started to dwindle, I tried formula...HAHA. She REFUSED it. So I pumped, every 2 hrs to get it I used a newer pump with worked wonders! My life last yr revolved around the pump....but, I am glad I did it. I don't think Georgia would have done well on formula...I did the right thing....It was VERY hard for me to 'give up' nursing....but Georgia wasn't happy, wasn't taking in much and it hurt me for some reason..... Good luck!
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