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Jan 06, 2010
Hi thank you so much for responding to my post I'm sorry Georgia (beautiful name by the way) still has acid reflux. What medication does she take? My little girl is on prevacid 15mg once a day. It's only helping about 10% I wanted to ask you how you managed to pump for almost a year while taking care of Georgia. How were you able to maintain your milk supply just pumping? How many minutes did you pump for and how much did you get? Do you try to pump on a certain time interval? I'm in awe of what you have done. Georgia has a great mommy I appreciate any tips you have about anything - feeding, sleeping, making them feel better. Thank you so much RBC
Jan 07, 2010
Mommy to Georgia Kate 12/3/08
Georgia started out on Zantac on her 2ed day of life. She had severe choking problems and was having to be suctioned often. She was placed on Prevacid solutabs, which she was taken off of at about 10 months old due to the fact that her body weight was too much for the dose. She is now on Prilocec 10 mg in the am and 10 at night. This has helped her sleeping.....for the most part. She really isnt waking up choking anymore..... As for wasn't easy. I stopped pumping at night when she stopped waking....I basically pumped every 4 hrs during the day for anywhere between 20 min to and HOUR. (My pump died a slow and painful death ;) ) Near the end my supply lowered...I pumped anywhere from every 2.5 hrs to maybe 3.5 hrs for 30 min. at a time! It was CRAZY. My living room has been pretty much self contained so she couldn't leave! When she was small, I would put her in her bouncer, put barney or the wiggles or sesame street on...anything On Demand on Comcast. When she was big enough to hold a it was AMAZING!!! LOL I also used her highchair once she tried to get out of the bouncer....oh and I also used her swing. I pumped more in the mornings....max usually about 12 oz total. It lowered at about 9-10 months if I remember correctly....The other pump sessions would be about 6 total....then less as the day went on. I have friends that swear by fenugreek to increase your milk supply. You can find it at health stores. I have a good friend who has a baby who won't nurse, so I've been encouraging her too. It REALLY takes a LOT out of you! Mentally, emotionally and physically. (I also had a 4 yr old at the same time!) I have anxiety issues.....they flared up....and am now grateful not to pump and finally take care of myself a bit more. DON'T forget to take care of yourself. I am a VERY stubborn and sometimes stupid person...I ended up resenting Georgia at the end....NOT GOOD. BUT at that point, I couldn't give her formula....she wouldn't take it!!!! We see a specialist in Wilmington DE at DuPont Children's almost 11 months she told me to start milk if I had to, and NOT to waste my poor breastmilk and mix it with the formula...especially if she was rejecting it..... We go back Feb 5th...for a possible gastric emptying test. We have had the barium swallow test, which should physically she is ok....but SHE HATED the was NOT mommy milk! She is starting to wake up again, wincing at's terrible...I don't know what to do, or how to fix it. She sleeps with me, mostly propped up on a pillow, and occasionally my arms.....She's VERY restless and ends up hurting herself in her crib. UGH!!! But in a way, it's not too bad. My husband works at night and I'm the bed is NEVER empty! lol Write me with more questions.....I'll try to check back frequently. aren't alone! Allison
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