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Jan 05, 2010
two tucker wedges/slings available
Hi, my husband and I have been lurking on this very helpful forum for months. We have outgrown our tucker wedges/slings and I wanted to see if anyone here is interested in them? we have two wedges & two slings, both slings are size small, 6-16 pounds. These were invaluable to us when we came home from the NICU. Let me know if you are interested & we can make some arrangement for much cheaper than the retail price! I'd love for someone to get use out of these. Heather Mom to triplets Alex, ^Ari^ & Zoi born 2/26/09
Jan 06, 2010
re: two tucker wedges/slings available
Heather - I may be interested in purchasing one of your tucker wedges/slings. What would you be willing to sell one for?
Jan 06, 2010
Is $60 okay for the wedge & the sling?
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