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Jan 04, 2010
nursing at the breast or breast milk from bottle?
What is better for a baby with acid reflux- to nurse at the breast or to be fed breast milk from a bottle ? My daughter has acid reflux. She's a lazy nurser and often chokes when nursing at the breast cutting our nursing sessions short. She sometimes gets agitated at the breast sometimes, grunting, turning red, scratching her face and yanking my nipple ( around. I have no idea what's making her react this way. She takes the bottle of breast milk fine without any of these behaviors I listed above. Because of her acid reflux I'm wondering what's best for her. It would be nice to just nurse at the breast since pumping and taking care of her is difficult but I will do whatever it takes to make her life better. If there are any mom's out there that have any advice I would be very grateful. Thank you
Jan 04, 2010
Boy do I remember the days of breastfeeding with my ds. He choked a lot on my breast and did better on the bottle when given. I had OALD though and it came our really fast. It's very hard and frustrating to bf a reflux baby. I had to eliminate a lot from my diet to try and make things better for him. The only thing that really helped us was when we cut out dairy and he was on the right dose of medication. Do you think that you're producing enough? It sounds like the yanking at the breast could be from her trying to get more. I know my son always want to eat and drink faster too when he was in pain from the reflux. He was an every hour nurser for a long time and then it would be every 2. I know exactly what you're going through. It's not an easy decision to make on what to do. Pumping is hard to keep up on. I would definitely say get a good supply going. Switching him to nutramigen was the hardest thing for me to do but it ended up being the best decision for him and us. Just go with what helps the most and what you can tolerate. Reflux takes it's toll so remember to take care of yourself too. Good luck! Le Leche League forums helped out a lot when I was wanting to quit as well. It kept me going!
Jan 06, 2010
Mommy to Georgia Kate 12/3/08
Hi. I'm brand new to this site....My daughter is now 13 months old. I attempted to BF her for 12 wks....with lots of hesitation from her, pain, short sessions, choking....the list could go on! I made myself stop and just pumped....I have finally stopped this week. It was VERY hard...I felt like a terrible mother....BUT now that she's 13 months old, I can say with confidence, pumping for her only was THE BEST THING ever! She was able to take it much easier than nursing, sitting propped wasn't easy taking care of her and pumping 4-6 times a day. But I did it...and SHE was happier. Georgia still has reflux....and is on meds....I do not believe it really mattered what I ate. Do what you feel is best for you and her....But don't torture yourself!!! I did for 12 weeks....and felt SO guilty. I now am SOOO happy she didn't nurse...Georgia is SO clingy...I couldn't imagine how she would be if I could have nursed her. Best wishes......
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