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Dec 05, 2009
mom of an Achalasian Child!
"disabled" when is a kid considered Disabled
when is a kid considered disabled? where do you find the answer to this question? My son has Achalasia... myotomy, fundoplication in 2004. and a stretch in 2009. I would like to know what the determination is for the term "disabled". Seems silly to ask but with college looming, insurance asking, and dental insurance also asking ( teeth sealed for acid) anyone ever had this asked and answered? Thanks... please email me Carolyn
Dec 10, 2009
beth anderson
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I've found the best information about disability law is They are attorneys specializing in disability issues and they have a ton of info on their web site. If you find the answer to this question, please let the rest of us know. Your research might help another parent.


Dec 12, 2009
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i know depending on the age of your child and the state you are in. Healthy Start (or local county health department) is a good resource in telling you that information.

i have never tried myself but the healthy start social worker had said to me that depending on the degree of neediness (medical expenses and physical evaluations) we may be able to qualify for disability.

i do also know that if you apply to medicaid, they will let you know if you qualify for a disability. I do not know the process by which they determine this though. I hope you find something helpful soon!
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