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Nov 26, 2009
Bile reflux in 8 year old
Hello, My daughter has bile reflux. She has probably had this for about two years with it getting progressievely worse last spring. Last spring she had an endoscopy and the only thing that stood out was that bile was backing up into her stomach. The doctor prescribed carafate and a heavy duty antacid. She took the carafate for about 3 months along with the antacid. Then I weaned her off the antacid with pepcid ac gradually as the doctor had directed. Now just 3 months after doing all this her reflux is starting to come back with a vengance again. She has been getting stomach aches and burping up a little bit of her meals mainly in the evening. Has anyone had a child that has had bile reflux and had a sucessful treatment for it? I have been feeding her bland meals which helps her keep her food down but her stomach still hurts. Thank you, Alicia
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