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Nov 20, 2009
Toddler with anemia and acid reflux
I have a 2 yr. old with anemia and acid reflux. We are on liquid iron supplements and are now taking prilosec. Don't really know if the prilosec is really helping yet. Not sleeping much...Anyone been in this situation or have words of wisdom?
Nov 20, 2009
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HI there, sorry you are dealing with reflux.

What form of Prilosec are you using now and what is the dose and when is it being given???

Alot of times those 3 above issues can make all the difference getting reflux under control.

Who gave you the anemia DX??? Are they doing multiple tests for it??? Just asking because the WIC office gave me quite a scare with our son when he was low low low on iron testing for them. Had his tested at the Peds office a few times and it was fine. The peds office told me the WIC office equipment is not reliable, sometimes it just doesn't give good reads. Just a thought. ((HUGS))

Nov 21, 2009
Over a year ago we had blood work done at the hospital lab because they suspected that she was anemic. They ran a battery of blood tests to check severeal different levels (I don't know all of them specifically). Anyway, they called later that afternoon and told us to get her to emergency as soon as possible because her white? blood cell count was extremely low. I never can remember which, white or red, it is. We spent the rest of the night at emergency running different tests and they came to the conclusion that she was extremely anemic and that her iron stores were completely depleated. From there we started the liquid iron supplement. We have had her tested every 3 months and are now back to once a month. We were on the upswing until we started to wean off of the iron this summer. We are taking the over the counter Prilosec. 20.6 mg per tablet. She gets one dosage in the morning and one in the evening. We have been taking it for about a week and a half. Prior to this we were taking pepcid ac which did nothing. I am hoping to get a few names of pediatric gastrointestinal drs. today, so that I can take the next step in figuring out what the heck is going on. Thanks for your advice!
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