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Nov 03, 2009
Jordyn 11/30/04 DX GERD at 1month old
Prevacid OTC
Has anyone else noticed that prevacid is going to be available OTC soon?
Nov 03, 2009
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
Audrey Meadow 06/20/08. born 34/35 weeks. Still b/f and eats everything! ftt and chronic constipation.
ask the dr and the pharmacist if the formulation is the same. many times OTC is diff. amounts of meds in them. also sometimes (same with mirilax- behind the counter and otc) they are the same, but are expensive! so people with insurance can get an Rx filled and get more then they would at the same price otc.
Check with your
doctor first!