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Nov 03, 2009
Jordyn 11/30/04 DX GERD at 1month old
It's Back......
We visited the new GI about 9 months ago. Everything seamed ok just maintainance type stuff. Again in August we were only advised to increase fiber and start giving a stool softner for bouts of constipation accompanied by UTI. Last week she started waking crying in pain allways relived by vomiting. Then she started to do what we thought was hallucinate. I took her to the Dr yesterday and he checked her over. She had none of the signs of any of the virul bugs going around and had lost 3 lbs in under a month. He said he believes it to be another GI flare. Said it either motility, absorbtion or reflux and we need to go see GI again. He looked about as defeated as I felt. He went on to say that he knew I had been told many times that it would resolve but he also stated that thats not his expirence. Says alot of his patients have flares when hitting puberty and again when entering Highschool. He said I would still be told that it will resolve but that we will always watch for flares. Last GI DH and I felt thaqt within 6 months we would be weaning. Does anyone with older children have advice for sleep positioning for me? I would appreciate it very much.
Nov 04, 2009
Debbie, Mom to:
Derek,10/29/02 GERD,Can't have any legumes(soy, being the worse), allergic to PN/Tree Nuts, struggled to gain weight for years, my "picky" eater,Takes Zegerid. Johnny, 12/05/99 GERD, managed by diet, allergic to cashews/pistachios.
Sorry it's back. I know how frustrated you must feel. My youngest just turned 7 and we've tried weaning multiple times, only to have to go back to it. I even had him down to just one prilosec a day for a few months, thought he was doing great, but very slowly he was getting sicker and sicker. So now we are back to two prilosec a day. I've tried putting boards under the head of his bead to elevate it, we also tried putting a pillow between his mattress and boxspring to elevate the bed. What happens is he ends up "schooching" down to the middle of the bed from the elevation, or falling out of bed. I gave up and just try to not let him eat much before bedtime. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.
Nov 12, 2009
DD 10 mos.
15 mg prevacid solutab/day
dx GERD at 4 weeks
had relatively peaceful 5 months-9.5 months
now regressing, waking 10+ times/night,
not sleeping longer than 1-2 hours,
waiting for bronchitis to go away
docs say secondary reflux b/c of chest infection
I have nothing helpful to add other than my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine anything more defeating than to read/hear that this will be an ongoing battle. I'm so sorry.
Check with your
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