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Nov 02, 2009
Daughter, Mia, born IUGR weighing 4 lbs. 10 oz, diagnosed with reflux at 2 months, open heart surgery to repair VSD at 7 months. Currently on Prevacid & Erythromycin. One happy little girl despite her many struggles!
Sleep Positioning for Older Babies
What do you all use for upright sleep positioning for older babies who squirm around? My daughter is 14 months and its so hard to keep her upright when she sleeps...she constantly slides down and moves around. I have found the few nights she does stay upright are 10 times better than when she is not. Looking for any suggestions! Thank you!
Nov 02, 2009
Mother to Samuel born June 26,2008. Sam started refusing to nurse at 4 months old and was diagnosed with reflux. On Zantac until 9 months old, then switched to Prevacid. Total food refusal until 14 months old, now on purees and vomits at least once a day. Sleeps for 40-60 minutes at a time. Still nursing.
Left side
Hi there Mia's Mom. I am Sam's Mom. Having read your post on sleep position and your question about changing from Prevacid to Nexium, I hear a lot of similarities in our kiddies. Sam is now 16 months old, and a major squirmer in his sleep. He moves way too much and ends up waking up whenever he is sleeping in his bed with the wedge. So, our Doc suggested just putting him flat, but on his left side. He has taken to it. Ofcourse he doesn't stay there, but it seems to help him stay asleep a little longer at first. Best of luck!
Nov 06, 2009
comfy lift positioning pillow
Hi, We have a 26 months old who is a fellow sufferer. He is on Prevacid 15mg a day and has not slept through the night ever. In July we purchased a comfy lift positioning toddler bed for him. It is designed for older kids and keeps him relatively upright. The cost is very high (about $600 with shipping) but our insurance chipped in. Hope you have better luck than we.
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