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Oct 25, 2009
GERD and the family bed
Any advice would be great... My 2 year old daughter has bouts of night reflux where she has to be moved to a greater than sitting up position to resolve. Angling the crib, sitting in her car seat, stroller, etc, don't help. I sleep with her next to me in bed so that when she refluxes, it wakes me up and I pull her upright. She's on 40 Prilosec but it's not helping lately. We have an appt with her GI soon. I'm pregnant and I can't even reasonably think about transitioning my daughter out of my bed. At this point I think it would be dangerous. Any one have any experience to share on having a second child?
Oct 27, 2009
forum monitor
Hi, I am so sorry your little one is going through this. Please post this on the general, beginner forum. It gets much more traffic and I know the parents on their can help answer your questions.
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