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Oct 23, 2009
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
Audrey Meadow 06/20/08. born 34/35 weeks. Still b/f and eats everything! ftt and chronic constipation.
Looked all over marci kids website, searched google too and can not find this stuff! I can not even find real info on it except from parent message boards.

i need to know if it is compatible with Rx Nexium capsules and if so, where can i get it?

we are switching from prevacid to nexium since emily has been on 2 years of prevacid and still has damage with it. tia!
Oct 23, 2009
Ryan was born May 20th 2008. 9 lbs 2 oz. Ryan’s magic bullet was 30mg of Prevacid capsules mixed with Caracream from Marci-kids (I am forever indebted to the team at Marci-kids), Claratin for the mucos, and Mirlax for the constipation. Within 2 months of this combo he jumped from the 6% to the 50% for weight and continues to climb. Be strong, listen to your instincts. Read his story for more specifics that just might help you too - Karen
You can only get it from the research department at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Contact them at or call them at 573-884-0672. I work with David he can tell you if you can mix it with Nexium. Jeff is the head pharmacist. He may have you talk to him first. This is the best thing I ever did for Ryan. It turned him around immediately. Aside from the occasional teething issues we have never had another problem and we were plagued with issues prior to that. If you doctor will prescribe Zegrid it is the exact same thing as mixing a PPI with Caracream. Jeff at Mizzu created Zegrid...
Oct 23, 2009
Mom to Jasmine aka: Jazz 01/24/2007
Dx with silent reflux at 8 months
FPIES, DGE, MSPI. Recently diagnosed with EC (Eosin. colitis and now Primary immune deficiency disease.
Also mom to Nathan. born Jan.20th, 2009, MPI . so far dx with reflux and has an extremely sensitibe GI system. Also dx with primary immune deficiency disease.
Kat, I have some with instructions for Nexium use and both my LO's are off PPI's. Since I was given two sets, I can send you one. Just e-mail again.....Brenda
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