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Oct 16, 2009
tucker sling and head flopping
We got Kaelyn's Tucker sling/wedge combo this week and she seems to be doing ok with it, but I notice her head always slumps when she sleeps... kinda like in a car seat. The instructions leave a little to be desired but mention that if it is too loose that the head can fall back.... I don't think I can get it any tighter w/o squishing her, lol, so I don"t know if there is any cure for this. Anyone out there know of any fixes? BTW, she is still sleeping on her back. I don't think I could talk myself into putting her on her belly unless I had an apnea monitor on her. I really want one of those car seat head support inserts or something like that, but of course they would not work with the wedge....
Oct 16, 2009
We got the napnanny and I LOVE IT!!! I wish they had it in an adult size. She loves it and it is really comfortable and portable. It seemed to be much more user friendly than the tucker sling. It was invented by a mom of a refluxer.
Oct 16, 2009
I LOVE my tucker sling. My son is 11 months old and sleeps great! Yes, we have the same problem so I rolled up two towels and slid them between the wedge and the sling so they act as a head rest and support-one on each side of the baby. I have also called before the number and actually talked to the woman who invented it. She shared her reflux story with me and gave me her cell number in case we need anything else or have more questions. I hope you can visualize what I am talking about the towels.
Oct 22, 2009
DD 10 mos.
15 mg prevacid solutab/day
dx GERD at 4 weeks
had relatively peaceful 5 months-9.5 months
now regressing, waking 10+ times/night,
not sleeping longer than 1-2 hours,
waiting for bronchitis to go away
docs say secondary reflux b/c of chest infection
Hi, I just logged on to post my own question about the tucker wedge and saw your post. My daugher has spent the last 5 months on hers and it was worth every penny. She's almost 10 months and I just this morning had to take her off it b/c she was too big and could undo the velcro. anyway, I too rolled up two blankets and laid them on either side of her head. She was swaddled over the harness, so there was no danger of her arms getting loose and pulling the rolled up blankets over her face. But I bet you could use the head support things from your car seat or something and stitch it to the sling? I modified my sling (shhh..don't berate me) a couple of times by shortening the lenght so her feet stayed off the mattress longer and by sewing extensions on it when she outgrew the small version. So it's possible to get creative with it. Good luck!!
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