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Oct 09, 2009
few questions about prevacid?!?!?
hi ladies its me again....Sarahs mom....thank u sooo much again for all the kind words!!!! I got some sleep so im a little more aware of whats going on!!! yayay.....i have fewe questions about prevacid....1st----what are the changes in ur baby when the prevacid starts working?!?!? 2nd---- after how long it starts working?!?!?(i give myself a month) 3rd----if Sarahs reflux is a mild case(thats what ive been told)and im giving her 15mg(7.5 in the morning and 7.5 in the evening) shiould i lower the dose when it kicks in...she dose have cistic kidney!?!? 4th----when should i start introducing solids?!?!?and what should i start with?!?!/ shes 3 months old tom...yeyeyeyyeyey I FINALLY REACHED THE 3 MONTH MARK!!!! thank uuuuuuuuuuuu and XOXOXOOXOXO
Oct 09, 2009
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Hey! My daughter is also on prevacid and it took two weeks to see some improvement and maybe a full month for the entire benefit to be evident. It should improve the pain but prevacid does not always work to improve the spitting up. Just the acid level, though some moms I have talked to say it helped a little with the spit up. It works best if you can give it 30 minutes before a meal (in case they didn't mention it to you).

I would discuss with your doctor when it would be good to lower the dose. If they think that she had some damage or irritation in her esophagus from the reflux they may want her to stay on it to ensure that it is healed and prevent it from happening again. My daughter has been on prevacid for quite some time to prevent esophagitis but each child is different. In case you wondered, we have had no ill effects from her being on prevacid thus far. :)

Solid foods can be rough with reflux. Some kids actually get better when they have heavier foods in their stomach (less likely to reflus up due to weight, supposedly) but some have sensitive tummies so.... My best advice, or what worked for us, was start SLOW. Introduce one food at a time and wait for at least four days to make sure she won't react to it. Then add something else and wait. If you try too many things at once you won't know which food is bothering her should she react to it.

Most people start with single grain cereals. A lot of people start with rice cereal. Rice cereal was NOT a good option for our refluxers though. It gave them a lot of stomach pain and gas. They did better with oatmeal. Be careful with the combo baby foods that have more than one fruit or veggie etc... same issue, you won't know exactly which food is bothering her. I personally chose to to veggies after cereal because I was afraid they would not want veggies after trying the sweet fruits, lol.

Time wise~ we waited until 6 months to intro solids. Some people do it sooner but you should check with your pedi. If you have a family history of food allergies there will be certain foods they may want you to postpone trying.

I hope that answered your questions. Again, all kids are different and this is just what worked with mine. :)

Welcome to PAGER. I am sorry you have to be here but we hope we can help you on your reflux journey!

Oct 12, 2009
thank u sooo much for the info!!!! its almost a week since Sarah started the prevacid..we''ll see if there is any change...
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