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Sep 04, 2009
we made it!!!
Dear friends, I am Vanesa again from Morelia, Mexico. I told you some time ago about my son and his recent reflux outburst after a year and a half without any symptoms whatsoever...All your advice were very helpful and warm...THE GOOD NEWS IS!! It stopped!!! we eliminated potato and banana from him diet and that was it!!! I guess it is unbelievable even for wonder doctors are always skeptical about Christianīs reflux remedy...but it worked again, just changing the diet...he went through seven horrible motnhs and was lately sooooooo anixious but itīs all over, now he is happy and sleeps fine. I just wanted to let you know, thanks you again for the support and maybe bring some encouragement to other moms who are now looking for solutions for their children...WARM REGARDS
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