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Sep 01, 2009
Thickened formula -- how to test flow/viscosity
Hi everyone. My 3.5-month-old daughter developed a series of behavioral problems while we were getting her reflux under control. Her doctors believe that she is no longer in pain, but fundamentally, she dislikes eating and will squirm away from the bottle unless she's in a perfect zen mood. She does better with thicker formula, so we add approx .75tsp rice cereal per oz. of pre-mix alimentum. We have not needed to go thicker than that, but I'm starting to think that she is now not getting enough out of the Dr. Brown's No. 3 nipple. I would switch to the No. 4 but when flow is too fast she gets overwhelmed quickly and becomes very upset. Does anyone know how to test the viscosity of thickened formula so that I can try to get a good flow that will get her enough but not overwhelm her? Many thanks.
Sep 01, 2009
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have you tried to contact your county's Early Intervention program? they have people that can refer you to a feeding therapist that will be able to answer that for you. Ask your child's pedi or call your health department. i'm sorry i can't help you more! good luck
Sep 02, 2009
This is very hard. My son has been on thickened feeds since very early on and is 9 months old now. Some people like the Y cut nipple by Dr. Brown's for cereal in bottle. My son couldn't tolerate cereal in his bottles and does much better on simply thick. We use similac nipples (like the kind they have in hospitals that screw on) that have a slit in them that I made with an exacto knife. I have to watch the slit closely b/c it can get worn out and become too big and it is very hard to get the next nipple to have the exact same size slit so this is not the ideal situation but it has worked for us. I agree with early intervention. They can help you figure out what nipple would work best. We have a feeding therapist come to our house every single week. Good luck.
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