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Aug 22, 2009
My first child Christian has a rare genetic syndrome, partial trisomy of 4p which resulted in abnormal development in all areas. He has complete corpus callosum agenesis. no speaking and is very developmentally delayed in general. He uses PECS for communication, moves , feeds and walks around independently. The thing that has always made his life hard for him is his feeding issues. He was not able to nurse and now he chews okay but ocassionally chokes on some food because he fills his mouth too much. His reflux started as a baby , around three months old. He cried a lot. When he started eating solids it was even worse (although he wa supposed to improve). His reflux filled his mouth and he just swallowed everything again or spitted part of it. He used to spend the whole night crying and we would sit there and watch helplessly while the food kept coming to his mouth again and again for hours, this could go on for five hours or more after eating. The pediatric gastroenterologyst gave him all the regular medicines for reflux assuming it was a motor problem. None worked. We were about to operate him, a Nissen one, but we did not do it because me and my husband felt this reflux could be related to food allergies. He turned out to be celiac and he also has multiple food allergies. With a special diet the reflux DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY for more than a year. Now the nightmare started all over again. He has again reflux as before, that means, his mouth fills with food for hours after eating. Not evertytime he eats, but everyday. We went through all the medical testing again to discard infections, parasites and such. We even did allergy testing again and turned out he is not allergic to anything anymore! which is kind of crazy. The doctor says the results are normal since he has been on a restricted diet. She advices that I should start feeding him anything, only one food at a time. The point is what about the reflux? he is having reflux now, won´t he get worse if I introduce foods he was supposed to be allergic to? afterall he stopped his reflux because of the diet, nothing else worked, just the diet. Another thing is that he has candida, overgrowned. The doctor says I should do nothing about it, since anti-fungus medication could worsen his reflux. But what it candida is responsible for his reflux?? CAN ANYONE HELP ME?? HAS ANYONE GONE THRUGH A SIMILAR SITUATION? I am from Spain but I live in Mexico, sorry if my English wa snot very clear. THANKS!!!!!
Oct 30, 2010
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