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Aug 11, 2009
Trying Prevacid again, or Prilosec?
Well, I finally heard from the GI office yesterday, nurse had been on two weeks vacation, and now the GI is on vacation. So I guess I will try either Prevacid or Prilosec again until he gets back....Supposed to continue the EES, even though it's not doing anything and add one of the two PPI's. Boy, all of August got shot with their vacations. I had really reallly hoped to either get him fixed up or else had testing done before school started back. I am rather on my own until the GI gets back from his vacation.. Neither med has worked in the past, I have more Prilosec left than Prevacid but I do prefer the Prevacid for ease of dosing. Has anyone had a better experience with one med over the other? I am really leaning on the Prevacid.....Not that I really think it's going to work. But. Anyways, at least the nurse is back and as she said it's not the normal thing for this to not to respond to something (med wise) so hopefully we'll be able to get him fixed up when the dr. returns or at least get tests scheduled......
Aug 11, 2009
I'm glad that the gi office got back with you. My gi was on vacation last week again. He seems to always be gone when we need him. It's so frustrating too. I feel your pain.

As far as the prilosec vs prevacid, I will say that if my son could tolerate the solutabs better then I would be giving him prevacid right now. But since your son is older the compound wouldn't matter unless he can't do pills yet. We're on compounded prilosec and it's not the best for his pain right now. But we're waiting until our appt in two weeks to discuss another med. The waiting game again. I will say that make sure that he's on a high enough dose of the ppi's because a lot of times that's why they don't work.

Wishing you all the best with the meds. My gi still has Kody on ees too which doesn't seem to be working all that great for him either. Too bad they don't have other motility drug options in the United States. Good luck!

Aug 11, 2009
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
I'm wondering if your son has bile reflux (the symptoms af GERD and bile reflux are the same, but the PPI's don't usually work for the bile.) Just a thought. Never hurts to try the meds, and it seems most of the little ones do better with the Prevacid. I'd say try one for 2 weeks, and if there's no improvement, perhaps try the other one.
Aug 12, 2009
Thanks, Mammy2K, sorry to hear that the ees didn't work out for you either....I am going to go with the Prevacid for the ease of dosing it to him, he can't swallow a pill too well yet. I am glad to hear you have an upcoming GI appt. at least you can see your GI again! And see what the plan is next. I guess I will hopefully hear something of a plan next week when the GI comes back from vacation!!! ( Crossing fingers)GOOD LUCK at your GI appt and I hope things even out for you!!...

Interesting about the bile reflux, I might have to broach that subject with the GI if I ever get to talk with him again that would explain why none of these PPI's are helping....He is on 30 mg Prevacid once a day...we'll see, but I am not holding out much hope for it to work since it didn't before (in May)... Goood luck everyone and thanks for the comradary!!! :)

Aug 18, 2009
We have been through ALL of the reflux meds, and have been on Nexium (compounded) for about 4 months and it has worked the best for him. Just thought I would chime in.
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