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Jul 24, 2009
Refluxing a teaspoon of fluff
Hi all, We are going on day 11 of Erythromycin...Gave my son his dose this am before breakfast in a teaspoon of marshmallow fluff (bad mommy I know it's about the only way to get it in him, and he's eight). And as he is eating breakfast, he is refluxing his fluff, after only a few bites of breakfast and while he is still eating. He is definitely NOT overeating, especially this EES has taken away his appetite. So I had to tell him to swallow it, yuck. If he spit it out, there would go the EES as well... I know most of us here have babies suffering the reflux,, and I don't remember what he did as a baby, he refluxed then as well....But is it "normal" to be refluxing when they haven't eaten since yesterday, and with only a few teaspoons of food/fluid in their tummies? Aggg. Thanks in advance for any and all replies!
Jul 24, 2009
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
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hi, if reflux is severe enough any liquid can be refluxed, including stomach liquids. i remember when my dd emily went for her colonoscopy recently, she hadn't eaten anything for 2 days and she still refluxed. I would check with the Dr and see if the dose needs to be adjusted either higher or lower. I would also talk to them about loss of appetite. good luck!
Jul 28, 2009
Thanks Emibug, Today is the day I am supposed to call and update the GI about how the Erythromycin is working. Part of me is dreading the call because I don't know what might be next. The nurse had said if this EES didn't work then the GI might consider an Upper GI..... Let's just say that this EES is really not working in reducing the symptoms of reflux, and is causing diarrhea and a very low appetite.

Wow, your daughter refluxed after nothing going in for two days? Unreal.......Well, I hope things are going well for you and now I have to screw up the courage to call and face what might be next.............I will have to add that my son has complained of feeling like something is stuck in his throat at times, of course he never thought of it that way at the first GI appt. and so now he tells me, and Now I get to mention that to the GI as well......Funny that I always thought it'd get easier when they could talk, but then maybe not......

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