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Jul 23, 2009
Reflux with Seizures?? Not Sandifer's
Hi there. My son Henry is almost 11 months. He went through a 14-week treatment of prednisolone for his facial hemangioma. 4 weeks of that were a weaning off period. While he was on the prednisolone, he took zantac (ranitidine) to counter act the medicine so he wouldn't get ulcers. He is also on propranolol for his hemangioma as well. Prior to this he had no feeding problems (we used to give him mylicon in his bottles as an infant). About 1 week into the weaning of the steroids, henry starting gagging all the time, like he was going to throw up and then sometimes he would throw up. This was off and on, but mostly gagging for 3 weeks straight. This started the week of June 15th. We went to a GI doc who advised us to up his dose of Zantac, that it had worn off thus causing reflux. We didn't start right away because he only seemed to be gagging for a few days straight. Last week was particularly bad. He started projectile vomiting and went up to 2x a day. We upped his dose of Zantac last monday.. We brought him to the doctor to make sure he was not dehydrated. We had to drive from Las Vegas to San Diego for his hemagioma doctor's appt. (he's a specialist, so we make the drive 1/8 weeks). He agreed that the vomiting was due to reflux. On the way home, something scary happened. Henry's eyes rolled back in his head and he was unresponsive, and had vomit around his mouth. We called for an ambulance who brought us to the hospital. They said he must have fallen asleep, vomited, and choked a little on his vomit. They doctor there also said reflux, and gave us a prescription for prevacid to replace the zantac. We didn't start it at that time. Then the next night, we had a real nightmare. Henry had a seizure at home. We called another ambulance and he was brought to a different hospital. There, again, he had a seizure (the 2nd one was more stress-related though). It was very scary. After doing every test in the world and keeping him overnight, they determined that everything was normal. He is now on anti-seizure medication for the time being just in case. We have now switched him to the prevacid. Yesterday was the first day in weeks where he did not gag once. They said at the hospital that the seizures and the reflux were not related but I find that so hard to believe. I know about sandifers, but the seizures were textbook seizures, not what I believe to be sandifers. The reflux started when he started to be weaned off the steroids. Do you know of any other cases of what I am describing?? We are so frightened for our sweet little boy.
Jul 24, 2009
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I am so sorry you are going through this. May I suggest you copy and paste this to the General, Beginners and Infant forum. It gets much more traffic and I am sure there is someone on there who can help you.
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