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Jul 22, 2009
Hey! I was thinking about you as I was reflecting on some stuff our new GI told me about delayed gastric emptying. He said that if the child screams and cries during the gastric emptying scan it can give false results as when the child cries so they don't empty. So they can be more delayed than they really are. I remember when Holden had his UGI done when he started to get worked up and cry the radiologist said oh well we mine as well stop as he's not emptying anymore now that he has gotten worked up. Also the GI said that you can have much worse DGE than the scan shows as well. Holden didn't cry during his scan but thought it was interesting that even something like that can skew the test. He also told me that for kids where Reglan does help if it is truly a motility issue Reglan can greatly help matters but is not the cure all as it only works for about 2 hours. So basically you give it 30 minutes before a meal and it works for the next two hours. So if their is still food left in the stomach after that your stomach goes back to emptying slowly again Then when you give it again it starts the whole process over. I don't know about EES as I didn't ask about that since we tried it unsuccesfully (wish it would have worked though as the side effects are much better). But I found it interesting as that is what i have found with Holden's motility. His motility med dramatically helps reduce the vomiting and choking, etc. but by no means does it solve his problem totally. Hope things are going well. Take care.
Jul 22, 2009
Hi thanks for thinking of me! Welcome back from vacation. I hope you feel refreshed and renewed for a little while at least. We just got back from a mini vacation too and it was good to get away.

This dge is so confusing to understand. That's very interesting about what your gi said about it too. I just couldn't believe that Kody was that delayed on his scan but it probably would explain a lot of the feeding problems and stomach issues we've been having. I also think that the ees works about the same as reglan. Kody was having a rough night last night sleeping or lack thereof. I was being reminded of our old bad nights then I remembered that I forgot to give him his third dose of ees. Well I gave it to him at about 3 this morning and little while after that his stomach made a rumbling sound like something had moved. He slept pretty good after that. We only take it 3 times a day though so trying to figure out the best times is hard. We have our gi appt on Sept 1 and we have an appt with a new gi on Sept 4. I'm not sure yet which one we'll keep.

I do agree that these meds aren't a cure for the slow motility but Kody has a much better time eating and is much happier after eating too. He still has some problems when sleeping like last night but it's much better then it was. Does Holden seem to be getting a little bit better with age? I hope that he starts eating for you again.

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