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Jul 10, 2009
New here...
Hi all! I just found this site recently and SO thankful as I am really weary from this reflux battle. Here is the background on my little one: Brady was 7lbs14oz at birth but couldn't gain weight (I had poor milk production)...thought we had a PStenosis issue or reflux. Pediatrician suggested we try formula to suppliment and Brady gained weight (.6 oz in one night) so that ruled out PStenosis...must be reflux. But, it wasn't until I mentioned how poorly he slept and that his spit up was "projectile" in nature. We started Prevacid immediately. Prevacid "worked" for some time but still no sleep pattern, it did seem to calm his spit up, he was constantly congested, and cried so much that he got 2 eye infections bc of tear-duct clogging...the pediatrician mentioned that he would "grow out of reflux" so when things got better I assumed we were all done- and took him off Prevacid- wrong! He started arching his back and screaming during bottles, so we were put back on Prevacid. Only a slight change with the Prevacid (he does sleep thru the night for about 8hrs- woohoo- but will wake and need his pacifier about 2xs per night) at 1/2 a tablet of the 15mg dosage. Was told to increase to 15mg (whole tab) and he is just 5 months old! I asked about an upper GI and was told to give the 15mg time to work...tonight was the "last straw". The last few days we have had the spit-up festival in my house...there isn't a piece of furniture that doesn't have spitup on it and I doubt there is anything in my wardrobe that doesn't either! Today, if felt like he spit up more than he actually consumed...tonight, we went to a party full of other "mom's" and here I am with this fussy baby that I can't calm/soothe (talk about feeling like a horrible first-time Mom!)...but, when several Mom's tried to take luck either (kind of made me feel better- ha). B cried for 2 hours and only the carseat/car ride home soothed him...he sucks his fingers like crazy...and then he screamed and wouldn't take his bottle (he has cried during the bottle before, but never screamed and never refused a bottle)...pediatrician just said "sorry hon, he is just a reflux baby" and told me to put him to bed and call her if he had any further issues. My husband travels for work so it's just me doing this practically full-time (I'm also away from family) my nerves are about shot...B still doesn't "nap" very well, spit up is horrible and the congestion is back (diaper has yellow in it, is that flem?), not to mention the fussiness and refusal of the bottle? Any suggestions? I've just researched some PedGI docs and I'm going to ask for a second opinion.
Jul 10, 2009
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
Welcome, mama. You've found a good place to be, and you are NOT alone. This sounds so very similar to our battle, and I was a first time mom away from family as well.

Good for you with searching for a ped GI. We lucked out with our ped and GI, but several moms have had to go to a few before they got help, so don't be afraid to fight for your baby. Push for the GI especially if you're getting feeding refusal.

The vomit generally gets better over time, but prevacid usually won't stop it. My kid was a champion vomitter, but still gained weight, so unfortunately, it's a laundry issue and not much can help. It's getting the vomit to the point of not hurting that's the goal. My girl's vomiting stopped at about 1 year, but we weren't done with the reflux yet. There are a few meds that slow it down or stop it, but they're motility drugs and usually won't be prescribed unless he has DGE (delayed gastric epmtying) and some can have some nasty side effects (the two I an think of are Reglan and Erythromyocin)

The prevacid needs time to work (my dd was on a full tab at 4 months and she's tine). 2-4 weeks is normal before you get a good amount of relief. Even just a day or so off it you can see the reflux rearing up.

Allergies may be a culprit, expecially if you have any in your family. Many of these reflux kids tend to be MSPI or MPT (soy and milk protein intolerances). Might be worth asking about a formula switch. If you're still BF, an elimination diet may help to see if there's anything you're eating that's causing problems. Most of these kids are on hypoallergenic formulas (Alimentum or Nutramigen) or elemental formulas (Neocate or Elecare.) Even if they don't have allergies, they seem to tolerate them better.

For sleep, propping the crib, sleeping in a bouncy seat or swing, swaddling, modified swaddling, or sleeping on mom/dad seems to help to a degree.

I have to run, but you'll get great advice and support here - this site saved my sanity and made me feel like there ARE some answers out there, but time really is the biggest thing, and the hardest to wait for. HUGS!!!

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