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Jul 06, 2009
Mom to two refluxers. DS 4.5 years, on prevacid since 5 weeks. Trial wean this Intolerant of dairy and soy DD born Nov 2010. Currently on zegerid. Had stomach malrotation & surgery at 9 months. Avoiding dairy/soy with her while BFing.
Naturopathic Doctor
Has anyone gone the route of a naturopath doctor?? We saw one last week as I was at my wits end and wanted a second opinion (other than my pedi or GI doctor). I had tried a prevacid wean about a month ago that was a big fat fail. DS is almost 2. GI wants to scope him, ph probe also but I am not on board yet. The naturopath was awesome. She spent over an hour with us. DS has food intolerances, dairy, soy. He can't have any of it at all or he is up at night uncomfortable or acting out during the day. She went over a lot of nutrition stuff with us. He also has always been a bit congested and she said his ears had fluid and the way the tympanic membrane in the ears was shaped it looked like an allergic response was going on. I wasn't always 100 percent soy free as it is in everything, so I am trying to be more diligent. We might have to go onto egg or wheat free too. She is goign to get the records from the gi doctor so we can all be on the same page. He was put on a herbal supplement maxiflav which is like an antihistamine to help with the congestion and ears and another one (forget the name) to help heal up the GI tract. This are for the next 6 weeks. Then we might revisit a med wean. Obviously if this doesn't help, I will go back to GI. But I just want to try other options. Also the nutrition advice was so great with the intolerance issues.
Jul 09, 2009
Lorenzo b.4/25/07 1 week in NICU w/ aspirate pneumonia from a reflux episode; diagnosed GERD at 9weeks; Used Zantac for 5months. Currently using Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy. GERD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sensory Processing Disorder. Ask me about breastfeeding a refluxer! Pic: day 5 in the NICU.
That's wonderful that you found someone you're pleased with. We have been having amazing success with a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapist, relying on Western Medicine primarily for crisis intervention and diagnosis. My feeling is that, when we are faced with the level of invasive procedures and medications that many of our little one's are faced with, trying alternatives, when they are available, is a positive move. The trouble is that it can be very hard to find good practitioners, and especially hard to find a good one who is also a good fit for one's family. As with all things reflux, there just aren't any simple answers...
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