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Jun 18, 2009
Have any of you been able to have your infant tested for food allergies? My son is breastfed and I suspect he has dairy allergies but I'm really not certain, the correllation isn't as obvious as it was with his older sister. At what age can I get him tested? No bloody stool and projectile vomiting stopped a few weeks ago when I began to limit the amount of dairy in my diet. The pediatrician seems totally unconcerned but I would rather know if he is allergic to something so I can take it out of his diet. Thanks! Bianca
Jun 18, 2009
Zack born 09/28/07 @ 31 weeks. Dx silent reflux @ 6 mo. Now not so silent. Switched to Elecare @ 9 mo. On Prevacid 15mg 1x daily. Looking to stop the puke and gain some lbs.
Puke stopped about 24 months and he's learning to eat...very slowly.
Still on prevacid and periactin.
yep, but testing these young kids isn't too reliable. Also, you can test negative for a dairy/ lactose allergy, but still have an intolerance to it. Your best bet is to cut out all dairy and see if things improve...actually it looks like you already have...cut it all out and you'll have your answer...good luck!
Jun 18, 2009
I just had mine allergy tested- it was a simple blood test and they tested for a whole list of things including milk, eggs, soy and peanuts along with things like dog and cat dander. He was 11 months old when we did it- but I'm not sure why they couldn't test younger. I wish I would have had him tested earlier, it could have saved us both lots of trial and error. Good Luck!
Jun 18, 2009
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
My ped didn't want to do testing till age 2 for both the girls. I guess if yours will go for it. If you get negatives, you still won't know for sure but if you get positives, that'll give you a starting place.
Jun 18, 2009
I breastfeed as well and I had to do take out all dairy which means looking at labels like crazy because I had to make sure I didn't get any milk protein. I saw dramatic results within a day with my son so we knew that he probably had an intolerance to it. I know all about wanting to just know what exactly my son would be allergic to. I've come to the conclusion I'm all about just making my son feel better. Are you on the La Leche League website? They have a great forum that helps with allergy stuff as well as what to eat. They give you a lot of support while still breastfeeding. I know firsthand how difficult it is. It's so many trial and errors that's frustrating. Good luck! I hope things start getting better for you.
Jun 18, 2009
Mom to two refluxers. DS 4.5 years, on prevacid since 5 weeks. Trial wean this Intolerant of dairy and soy DD born Nov 2010. Currently on zegerid. Had stomach malrotation & surgery at 9 months. Avoiding dairy/soy with her while BFing.
It is tons of trial and error with elimination diets. I had my son tested at around a year with a pediatric allergist. He just had the skin prick testing and it was all negative but he had so many symptoms of allergies. Anyway, she just said he was dairy and soy intolerant and to avoid. It was frustrating not having a more concrete answer. I am going to take my son who is almost two now to a nautropathic doctor to see about blood tests. I need to find out if he is intolerant/allergic to anything else. I am wondering about eggs too. Oh, one cookbook I have found helpful is Whole Food Allergy Cookbook.
Jun 19, 2009
Tracey, mom to Katie diagnosed with GERD at 3 week.
Katie tested negative to the big 8 but we know she is allergic to at least 4 of them on top of avocados and peaches. She was 10 mos. old at the time.
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