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Jun 05, 2009
THANK U Jan gambino, jedds mommy, debbie, abbys mom &
thanks jeddys mommy, jan, stickybean, kubickis, debbieb, slimfast13, abbys mom for the reply. it is much appreciated. all that helps especially knwing that it is coming from someone who gets it. i surely will inform u guys of the decision we make. and jan, how can i forget you. you were my first step on the ladder of reflux knowledge and just hearing that it will be fine was priceless. i surely will write to you. but feel free to contact me @ if i could ever help a mother in canada, bc ( i'm in lowermainland, surrey) let me know as i don't think mothers here are very much aware of this support group. lots of love :)
Jun 07, 2009
jan gambino burns
Jan Gambino, M.Ed
The Reflux Mom
P.O. Box 171
Arnold, Maryland
21012 USA
Mom to Rebecca: reflux and asthma, post nissen fundo, post g tube, post FTT and Jenna: reflux, asthma and POTS.
Author of Reflux 101: A Parent's Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux.
Hello Deepinder! It makes me feel so happy to see Afreen is such a big girl now and feeling better too. She is so beautiful. I am sure the memories of the early challenges are fresh on your mind as you are thinking about having another child. Good luck on your decision! It truely amazes me how we all find each other for support and information. I think that I have talked to parents on every continent and in most countries around the world about their little ones with reflux. Yet whether it is the person using his/her english phrase book to type a message from far, far away or a mom I met at the playground up the street, we all share the same worries and concerns about our children. And for some reason, the support is not readily available to us. I am so glad you were able to find your way to the phone and computer when Afreen was struggling with her reflux. Since talking to you, I have written a book about reflux that offers information, support and hope to parents. It is my way of sharing information so parents won't be so lonely on their reflux journey. Hugs to you and Afreen! Jan Gambino The Reflux Mom
Jun 07, 2009
I am Jacky, mommy to Joslyn Olivia (April 2008) and Katelyn Isabel (November 2009).
Joslyn was dx'ed with Silent Reflux with breath apnea at 5 days old. VERY SCARY!
Katelyn is a spitter reflux baby. Started at 3 days old as well. (Both were/are breast fed.. symptoms came on when my milk came in).
Joslyn has been reflux free since she was 12 months (suffered poor weight gain for a few months) and Katelyn is now on Zantac... waiting to see if it works.
you are welcome!! support is always a great thing to have!
Jun 07, 2009
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
Your Welcome. It's a hard decision to make and I'm sure it was nice to hear from others who are in the same position. HUGS
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