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May 24, 2009
Zegerid for infants/toddlers
Does anyone have any experience with Zegerid for their child? How does it compare to Prevacid? I've heard Zegerid works better and is faster acting and may not have the same side effects that we're seeing with Prevacid (bloating, night terrors, abdominal pain, etc.).
May 24, 2009
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I just posted to your question in the advanced forum. :)
May 25, 2009
Prevacid solutabs have lactose in them. My Ellie is lactose sensitive and suffered from the bloating and abdominal pain while taking Prevacid. The Zegrid has the same active ingredient as Prilosec but also has an antacid. I have heard good things about it and tried to get our GI to prescribe it but he's got her on Prilosec.
May 26, 2009
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Abby was on Zegerid for a short time. The problem that we had with it is that based on the mixing directions on MACI-KIDS it had to be mixed with a buffer. When we used the Cherry Mylants Supreme she got diarrhea from it. You can also use Tums for the buffer but those have to be crushed. It ended up being more of a hassle so we went back to Prevacid.
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