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May 24, 2009
Hi! I'm new here...
Hi! I just discovered this website and I'm thrilled. I have an 18 month old son who was diagnosed with GERD at 3 weeks old. We started on Zantac and the doctors we saw refused to do Prevacid until he was 10 months old so we are on that now. Jake also has eating issues (only eats puree'd foods and is still on bottles) and has trouble with textures. He also seems to bloat a lot and we've had some issues with pancreatitis and elevated liver enzymes. I guess what I'd first like to ask anyone familiar with the website? It's a really interesting site with current research information from the Midwest Acid Reflux Institute. As I said Jake is on 2-15 mg Solutabs of Prevacid every day and we still struggle with reflux, especially at night. Based on the dosage calculator on the Marci-Kids site he is way underdosed. Comments?
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