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May 08, 2009
-Kelsey, mom to Drew (born 3/26/09)
When is it time to try dairy/soy free?
Drew is miserable, and so are we! He cries so much, day and night, that his voice is very raspy. We are only on our third day of Prilosec, but I am desperate to help him get better NOW. Should I try taking out dairy and soy, or will trying two things at once (medication, dairy/soy) am I going to mask what the true issue is? I hate the idea of waiting two weeks to try dairy/soy if that's what the problem is. What would you do?
(BTW I exclusively breastfeed.)
Also, we tried Mylanta yesterday and today and it seemed to help for about 30 minutes--long enough to get a tiny bit of sleep, but not long enough!
Thanks in advance--you ladies are awesome!
May 08, 2009
Julie - I have three children. My youngest Katie is my refluxer. My first Ben was very colicy and is ADHD. My middle Jakob is pretty easy going. Katie had it bad as a baby no sleep for two years. She was on Nutramagin, Prevacid and Zantac. Thought we were through it but after age three it came back big time. After her scope she was put on Prevacid 45mg a day and mylanta as needed. Scope was in Sept. Showed damage in stomach and espophogus. It took about 7 months of medication and Reflux diet for her to start feeling better.
I would absolutely start a strict elimination diet now. I don't see any reason to wait. After you get him stabilized you can start adding things back in to your diet and see how he does.

I think there is info in the reading room on elimination diets. You have to really read labels for the hidden milk/soy.

May 08, 2009
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Melina 7/24/02 now reflux free!!
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I agree with Julie. Dr Sears' website has a good description of the elimination diet. Once you've gone off all of those "trigger" foods and the meds have had time to completely kick in then you can add things back into your diet one by one. That way it will be clear (hopefully) what is the biggest problem for your little Drew. Seriously adorable pic too, btw...
May 09, 2009
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
Audrey Meadow 06/20/08. born 34/35 weeks. Still b/f and eats everything! ftt and chronic constipation.
in some cases you can see the effects of a soy/dairy free diet within a day- but most cases it takes a week to see improvement (if dairy and soy are really the problem) Milk protein takes a week to clear out of YOUR system completely and about as long to clean out of Drew's so realistically plan to see great improvement in about 2 weeks. I know it just plain sucks to hear, i went through that with emily it took 10 days for her to feel better (with nutramigen- 5 months of elimination diet never worked for us)

If i were you i would go for the dairy/soy free asap. those proteins (even if not allergic/intolerant) can aggravate reflux. good luck on your diet! give your mommy a break little drew i know your probably sitting on her lap while shes reading this! lol -we've all been there, one handed typing!-
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