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May 07, 2009
A couple of questions
Hi ladies, I wonder if I could get your help again We recently saw the GI for our son who's 4 months old and wow, what a difference in advice we were given compared to our pediatrician. We were told if my son's pain got worse, we could double his prilosec and domperidone. My son's pain has been much better controlled over the last week or so, but yesterday he had his immunisations (3 of them!) and only just a couple of hours after his jabs started moaning and groaning. Today he's been dreadful. He's been crying on and off all day and had a screaming session too. He's slept even less than normal and seems to have been thrown back to almost pre-med days. I know from reading other posts that immunisations can cause a flare, but just wanted to know whether this is temporary and will sort itself out or whether his reflux is back to being uncontrolled and I may need to up his meds. My last question is we were told to wean my son onto solids once he turns 6 months but to keep him dairy free (he's currently on neocate formula, never had any testing). Do you know whether I can give soya products? I will see the GI in a few weeks time, so can ask him this question but it's always helpful to have advice from others that have or are going through the same.
May 07, 2009
Zack born 09/28/07 @ 31 weeks. Dx silent reflux @ 6 mo. Now not so silent. Switched to Elecare @ 9 mo. On Prevacid 15mg 1x daily. Looking to stop the puke and gain some lbs.
Puke stopped about 24 months and he's learning to eat...very slowly.
Still on prevacid and periactin.
kids with lactose issues almost ALWAYS have soy issues, but you can try a tiny bit and see if there's a flare or reaction. good luck!!
May 07, 2009
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
Audrey Meadow 06/20/08. born 34/35 weeks. Still b/f and eats everything! ftt and chronic constipation.
it's temporary i would say after 7 days if it has not dramatically calmed down i would up the meds. but it should calm down on it's own. the only way to know if soy is a problem is to try it and see. try a soy product like tofu for 4 days or less and see if anything happens, but like zacks'smom said, kids with milk protein allergy are very very likely to have soy protein allergy too.
May 08, 2009
Julie - I have three children. My youngest Katie is my refluxer. My first Ben was very colicy and is ADHD. My middle Jakob is pretty easy going. Katie had it bad as a baby no sleep for two years. She was on Nutramagin, Prevacid and Zantac. Thought we were through it but after age three it came back big time. After her scope she was put on Prevacid 45mg a day and mylanta as needed. Scope was in Sept. Showed damage in stomach and espophogus. It took about 7 months of medication and Reflux diet for her to start feeling better.
My GI told me that most times with little ones if there is a lactose issue there will be a soy issue. You can always give it a try but only after he is on solid footing.
May 09, 2009
Thank you all for your advice. I will ride it out and see whether all gets back to a better state. It's very difficult to watch yet another decline and him fussing, crying and then screaming. Yesterday was awful, he was back to screaming after fussing for most of the day. It's unbelievable to think that his immunisations have triggered all this, but I am seeing it firsthand now. Rollercoaster is absolutely spot on with reflux. I will also hold off with the soy and as you say, once he's on a good footing will maybe attempt a try at soy and see how we get on. Thanks again everyone.
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