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Apr 16, 2009
Lost my 33 yr old most physical fit husband 1 year ago, I miss him and his help! Feels so shitty and unfair. My baby getting better is the only thing that would bring my sanity back.
Any nexium users in AM & PM?
My son is on 20 mg Nexium in the a.m. and is pretty good through day. I find around dinner time that the meds have worn off, he needs something in the evening as well. We have tried everything else and found nothing else that made any difference (other than the nexium) GI said nexium is best in the a.m. because of something to do with pumps? We originally were on 10mg in morning and evening..for super short period, two weeks maybe? I think he needs a dose in the evening as well too. So nexium I think normally takes awhile to kick in (one month?).. so then would I have to wait that long to see as well for evening dose you think? Or because we are already on, that I should notice much sooner? My son who is silent refluxer has always needed food/drink when refluxing (which I know some people who thinks it makes it worse.. but for him - it relieves him - that I do know). Does it make a difference for your silent refluxer if they haven't eaten after a certain time before bed? It hasn't for us :( Just wanting more tips and suggestions.. though most we have and are probably already doing.. sigh. Shanks
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