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Apr 11, 2009
My 3 year-old refluxer is randomly vomiting
My 3 y.o. is on 15mg Prevacid 1X daily and has been doing well on that since 21 months. She sleeps well now (wakes maybe 1-2X night max.), eats very well, is generally affible, no ear issues anymore, etc. Since December she has had episodes of just randomly vomiting up a ton out of the blue with no warning. In Dec. I chalked it up to a stomach bug, although the "bug" lasted for nearly a week off-and-on with no vomiting in between. This week she told her Gymboree teacher that her head hurt and then threw up all over the place. She threw up again a few minutes later in the car also and then fell asleep and was fine when she woke up. I thought it was maybe a migraine or a concussion but her ped. did sent her for a CT scan since she had hit her head the day before. The CT scan was normal. He thinks that it could have been a migraine. Today we were at her school's Easter party and she was acting fine. I saw her hand over her mouth and asked her if she was going to throw up. She said yes and then did throw up a bit. She had complained that her stomach hurt a few hours earlier. Can someone please help me figure out what is going on? Is this GERD related? I'm going to call her pediatric gastro on Monday but of course I'm worried right now. Does she need more Prevacid? Is the Prevacid the problem? Help!
Apr 13, 2009
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Do you have migraines? There is something called cyclical vomiting syndrome that is related to migraines. You may want to check out this page and see if it sounds like your daughter:
Apr 23, 2009
Her pediatrician actually suggested that it could have been a migraine. Her Gymboree teacher said that it literally it out of nowhere and DD was throwing up just a minute or 2 after she said that her head really hurt. I'm definitely going to read that link at naptime, so thank you!
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