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Apr 05, 2009
swallowing and reflux flare up questions
Well 2 nights in a row has been a little rough for us. I don't always want to blame it on reflux so I try other things first or think it could be something else. So tonight I thought that tonight he was really hungry because he kept acting hungry. So I fed him but then he woke up from his nap crying so I went to get him. He was fussy so I thought that he was sleepy but he wouldn't stop fussing. I decided to feed him which helped at first. He kept wanting to eat so I gave him some cereal (oatmeal) and he acted excited. when he was eating it though he was swallowing hard. He also does that sometimes when he's bfing. I used to think it was gulping but it's almost like he's having trouble swallowing. He does it mostly when we realize his reflux is acting up. He has silent reflux so most of the time we don't know what's going on. Does anyone have these swallowing issues with reflux or am I just imagining things? I don't want to jump to conclusions that it's because of his reflux. He was not a happy camper tonight. We tried to give him a bottle (with alimentum in it) because he just kept crying on me and I thought maybe it was because he wasn't getting anything. He drank about an ounce and just cried. I decided to give him maalox. He finally calmed down and went to sleep. My husband and I aren't always on the same page because he thinks I can blame it on the reflux to quick but he doesn't have any answers either. Could the oatmeal pushed his reflux over the edge? He's on prevacid 7.5 mg once a day. I thought that maybe it was starting to work because he's been on it since March25. But now the last two nights he's had a really bad time with it. I'm just confused on how to know that its reflux. We're still waiting for his gi appt in little over a week and trying to help him feel better with these flare ups. Any help with all of this would help. Sorry about how long this is too.
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