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Mar 05, 2009
Amalia 11/1/06, Silent reflux- Weaned off prevacid in the summer- back on again 15mg. Back on lactaid. Atalia- 6/17/08 DX with GERD and colic at 9 days of age. Appears to have mild MSPI. Upper GI. On Prevacid 22.5mg. Successful transition to whole milk! Eats everything!
Pic. Amalia and Atalia having fun at home.
Check your child's mattress...
After Amalia started sleeping well (done teething)..after 3-4 days things started to go backwards again.. She was waking up in the middle of the night crying for mommy- and just tears and tears if I put her back down on her crib, even after reassuring her I would stay until she fell asleep.....waking up from her afternoon nap crying again. One night I stayed for an hour with her and she just kept turning and making painful faces...until finally I let her go downstairs with daddy and she fell asleep immediately when placed on the sofa. What is going on? I thought. This is new. I started getting really sad- and cried and prayed for wisdom. It just did not seem like reflux- but what else could it be? I was about to call GI for the endoscopy, but kept praying and crying for wisdom in all of this...when last Sunday before I went to bed I had this urge to check her mattress- I pushed down on it- and I could feel all the little springs inside. I'm like- this can not be comfortable- and I jumped inside the crib and laid on it and - Ouch- this is not comfortable! I switched her mattress..and she has slept wonderfully ever since- WOW- PRAISE GOD! "But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all generously and without reproach,and it will be given to him." James 1:5 So I wanted to pass this along, because if it happened to me/Amalia- it could happen to anyone! Blessings!
Mar 05, 2009
Donnessa, mom to Halley born 3/10/07
Reflux (mostly) resolved at 14 months
and Addison born 8/17/09. Currently exclusively bf and on 7.5mg Prevacid
You still are one of the wisest women I know. I don't know if I would have thought to do what you did. I'm glad God showed you the answer.
Mar 05, 2009
I am Jacky, mommy to Joslyn Olivia (April 2008) and Katelyn Isabel (November 2009).
Joslyn was dx'ed with Silent Reflux with breath apnea at 5 days old. VERY SCARY!
Katelyn is a spitter reflux baby. Started at 3 days old as well. (Both were/are breast fed.. symptoms came on when my milk came in).
Joslyn has been reflux free since she was 12 months (suffered poor weight gain for a few months) and Katelyn is now on Zantac... waiting to see if it works.
you go girl! That was smart think'!
Mar 05, 2009
isaacs mummy
Mother of 4 children. 3 girls, youngest baby boy 30/08/08. Dx silent reflux at 3 months. On Gaviscon and just trying zantac and domperidone. Thought Isaac was finished with reflux at 5 months, had a couple of weeks free it then came back with a vengeance...........
Hi there.......... I think this is a brilliant example of how its easy to think the worst, and to put every thing down to GER related. I do this often with my baby. Nice to know Im not alone. Thanks Julie
Mar 06, 2009
PAGER Volunteer Services Coordinator
Melina 7/24/02 now reflux free!!
Ella 5/3/05 GERD, asthma, hypotonia, food intolerances, esophagitis, IBS //
Ava 5/3/05 asthma, food allergies
Pic: My girls! They are getting so big!
I love this post, thank you so much for posting it. I do think once you have dealt with a reflux kido and you know how much pain it can cause it is soooo easy to attribute everything after to reflux. So smart to stay calm and pray for wisdom. I am so glad you were shown the real problem and hopefully there will be lots of good sleeping for everyone now! ((HUGS))
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